Your morning cup o’ Kings: DeMarcus Cousins

One of the truly fascinating thing about covering the 2010-11 Sacramento Kings was watching rookie DeMarcus Cousins work, both on and off the floor.  When I describe to people what I do, one of the first questions out of their mouth is, “What is DeMarcus Cousins like?”  If I’m being honest, I tell them that it depends on the day.  Cousins is an engaging, intelligent kid with a big heart.  He is also surly, difficult and combative.  He wears his heart on his sleeve, which is a blessing and a curse.  He almost always sticks around to take his lumps from the media, even when things have gone poorly.  He wants to win, he wants to start and he wants to play the whole game.

There is so much to like about DeMarcus Cousins and a certain amount of apprehension that you have to have with him.  While he is supremely talented, he is young and immature.  Is he worth the trouble?  Absolutely.  Is he going to have more growing pains?  Yes, but mark my words, the finished product will be one of the most dominant players in the NBA.

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Our friend Noam Schiller is going to roll something out a little later that will break down the finer nuances of the big man out of the University of Kentucky, but this morning, we are going to hit you with a big ol’ cup o’ DMC.

This first clip is a replay of our most popular post of all-time.  Strange that with all the work that we put in here at Cowbell, a you tube video of DeMarcus Cousins making faces at a baby has the highest page views of any post we’ve ever tossed out to you.  Maybe that tells you all you need to know.  Cousins is a larger than life player, maybe this clip will work to humanize him, if even for a moment.

This second clip is a really short look at DeMarcus as a high school player. Just a reminder, Cousins got his diploma a little over two years ago. I don’t know about you but I would’ve hated to pick up this kids food tab when he was a starving teenager.


This last clip is a longer video of DeMarcus from a high school match up with former fellow top five pick, Derek Favors. For a kid his size, Cousins has incredible quickness and ball handling skills.


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