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With more than 100 full service & kiosk locations throughout Nevada, William Hill US is the state’s sports betting leader. William Hill offers Nevada’s most diverse betting menu throughout the year on everything: pro and college football, pro and college basketball, baseball, horse racing, soccer, auto racing, hockey, MMA, boxing and much, much more. Almost any sport you’re looking to get a bet on, William Hill US can offer it!

With that being said, placing a basketball bet right now during the exciting NBA and NCAA season is the way to go! William Hill offers so many options, including inplay wagering.

What is inplay wagering?

The best option a sports gambler can have! That means zero regrets if you make an ill-advised bet before a game because you can hedge it or double it by making more money.

You can literally bet on every possession, which is the beauty of inplay wagering. If you feel your team or a team is on the verge of making a run and they are losing, you will most likely get lots of value on your bet.

Make no mistake about it; inplay wagering is the best option to go about making a bet for basketball because you never know how flat or strong a team might begin the game.

Another thing you should know. You don’t have to be at a casino to place a wager. William Hill provides its customer with an amazing application that allows you to place a wager anywhere on your mobile devices.

The William Hill Mobile Sports app makes sports wagering in Nevada more convenient than ever! Bet on your iPhone, iPad or Android device from anywhere in the state! Cash deposits can be made at all William Hill Sports Books, Mobile Sports Deposit Hot Spots located inside PTs and Sierra Gold taverns, and 7-Eleven locations throughout Nevada.

Sitting at home and watching sports or simply hanging out with your friends at a casino is the way to go and it’s a new level of wagering without the complications of watching the team you bet on struggle and know that your bet has zero hope.

With inplay, hope is resurrected and it gives you a better chance to make more money, or not lose money, which is always a plus. This is a tough economy we live in and if you believe your sports knowledge is strong enough to make you side money or if you’re really good, make you lots of money; William Hill is the way to go!

By navigating through WilliamHill.us, you can find plenty of valuable tools to improve your sports betting experience. Making a profit on basketball has never been easier thanks to William Hill.


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