WATCH: The sky literally falls inside Sleep Train Arena

The sky literally fell inside Sleep Train Arena during last night’s contest between the Sacramento Kings and Golden State Warriors.  To fill you in, here are the details from our CK Press Box Report:

The scoreboard is a prime spot for corporate sponsors to advertise at Sleep Train Arena.  One of the companies that had premium real estate on the big screen last year was Thunder Valley Casino and Resort.  They chose not to renew their partnership with the Kings this season, but the team has yet to take down their signage from the scoreboard.

As a temporary fix, the Kings have covered the Thunder Valley ads with black tarp.  But because of the noise and raucous atmosphere inside the building Monday, some of the plastic coverings came unhinged and fell onto the court during the game.

To give you a visual, this is what it looked like for the folks watching on TV.

Head Coach Keith Smart assessed his clean-up performance during his postgame presser.

I saw something that was a problem and I had to rectify that problem immediately.  And I think I did a good job. I was worried about slipping though when I stopped.

Below, a storify of reactions and images to the scoreboard mishap in chronological order from Twitter.

The scoreboard at Sleep Train Arena falls apart

Reaction from Twitter as the sky literally falls in Sacramento.

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The banner covering up the Thunder Valley sponsorship fell off of Kings vision at midcourt, only to be rushed off by Keith SmartSean Cunningham
The tarp that was covering the Thunder Valley signage on the scoreboard just fell onto the court. Keith Smart ran on floor to clean up.Jonathan Santiago
Cheap arena tarp falls to court. Maloofs must be proud.Ron Wenig
Thunder Valley Casino no longer a sponsor of the #nbakings this season, hence the tarp.Jonathan Santiago
Nice of coach Smart to remove whatever tarp-like thing that was that fell on the court.Jason Jones
Banner covering former sponsor falls onto court but is swarmed on by #NBAKings coach Keith Smart. Thunder Valley Casino gets ad free tonightJohn Dickinson
Keith Smart is acting as Gregg Lukenbill tonight. Taking care of tarp-related things at the arena.Blake Ellington
Sleep Train Arena is literally falling apart. ~5ft. piece of plastic just fell onto center court. Good cleanup coach Smart! #KingsAllDayPaul Grimes
@thunder_valley looks like you got free advertising. @SacramentoKings #weneedanewarena Alestra
Thunder Valley getting some free publicity after a tarp covering their signage fell. Need Lukenbill to climb up there and fix it.James Ham
That tarp falling from the scoreboard is a big sign we need a new arenaTai Duong
Revenge of the Thunder Valley!!!Carmichael Dave
And the rest of the tarp covering the Thunder Valley signage falls from the Scoreboard. #nbakingsJonathan Santiago
They may not be sponsors anymore, but Thunder Valley getting some extra returns on last year’s investment tonight.Jonathan Santiago
Thunder Valley is winning! #FreeAdvertising Sturm
It’s kind of like an Advent Calender. Thunder Valley Casino tarp now open #KingsAllDay #NeedDuctTape Good
Classy. The black tarp covering the old #nbaKings thunder valley sponsorship sign is falling off. Davey
Another piece of tarp covering expired sponsorships on scoreboard falls onto court. Fans begins brief "New Arena" chant here at Sleep TrainJonathan Santiago
Crowd chanting "new arena" as third tarp tonight falls from the scoreboard.Blake Ellington
Kings fans chanting "New Arena" "New Arena" "New Arena" after another piece of tarp falls from the ceiling.James Ham
Lol tarp fall onto the court and the fans start chanting NEW ARENARajan Saini
Another black tarp falls from scoreboard. Fans start yelling "Maloof!" and "New Arena!" #KingsAllDayRob McAllister
After the 3rd tarp fell from jumbotron, people began to chant, "New Arena!" Maloofs were looking salty.Picasso Luther King
On a side note, you’d think with all of those sponsors that the Kings would have a replacement for Thunder Valley on the scoreboard.Aaron Bruski

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