WATCH: Sacramento Kings reaction to DeMarcus Cousins’ ejection against the Utah Jazz

DeMarcus Cousins was on pace for a strong game last night against the Utah Jazz until emotions got in the way.  Late in the third quarter while defending Jazz center Enes Kanter in the post, Cousins was called for a questionable foul.   As the whistle blew, the Kings big man slapped the ball out of Kanter’s hands, prompting the nearest official to call a technical foul.  Unhappy with the ruling, Cousins pleaded his case, but complaining only made matters worst, leading to another technical and an automatic ejection.

After last night, Cousins now has five technical fouls, tying him with Carmelo Anthony with the most on the season.  The ejection is a first for Cousins this year.  But after missing two games due to suspension for confronting a TV announcer, this is just another instance of the big man losing his cool and his team nearly paying the price.

Cousins was not available after last night’s game to comment.  However, that didn’t stop reporters from asking teammates and coaches about what they believe happened.  Watch the video below to hear Keith Smart and Tyreke Evans‘ thoughts on Cousins’ ejection.


Jonathan Santiago
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