WATCH: Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadivé on hiring to build a successful company

The work now begins for Vivek Ranadivé and the new owners of the Sacramento Kings.  Ranadivé and company have to revamp and retool a franchise that’s been run on the cheap the last several years.

How will Ranadivé attack the rebuilding process?  The video below by the new Kings owner may offer some insight.  Here’s an excerpt:

One of the factors you often hear people often talk about is that they don’t like to hire guys with big egos.  I’m a contrarian on this because I believe that people that are very, very good often have big egos and you just have to accept it and make it work.  And so I like to say that I actually love to hire prima donnas.  They have to have the goods, but they can deliver great amounts of value.

[youtube id=”plfwv5VPUlI” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Ranadivé discusses purchasing Downtown Plaza and basketball operations decisions

He was the man of the hour at Thursday night’s raucous celebration in Downtown Sacramento.  Ranadivé made the media rounds, meeting with local stations as well as national outlets like ESPN.  He also spoke very briefly to a scrum of reporters on several topics quoted below.

On where they stand in the development of the downtown arena:

Well we’re moving very rapidly on that.  We are moving rapidly to get the downtown lot.  We’ve already sent the check so that we can have it.  And we want to be in by 2016-17, so we’re gonna work really hard to give the Kings fans the best arena on the planet.

On if they ownership group has indeed purchased the Downtown Plaza from JMA Ventures:

We’ve already sent the check so that we now have the ability to control and buy the land.

On finding a way to buy the Macy’s men’s store, which is not currently owned by JMA Ventures:

Well we hope to have control of that whole lot including Macy’s.

On when they can start making decisions on the front office and coaching staff:

Well, the deal closes at the end of next week and so we want to start getting into that very quickly.

On if they’re planning to have conversations with existing basketball operations staff, including Geoff Petrie and Keith Smart:

Yes, I want to sit down with everyone as quickly as possible.


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