WATCH: Paranoia wills Isaiah Thomas’ drive for success

Isaiah Thomas has defied the odds, but don’t tell him that.  Because if you asked him, he knew all along that he’d make it to the NBA.  Getting to the league was never a question for the 23-year-old guard.  Making his career stick?  That’s another story.  In a short film by friend and filmmaker T.J. Regan, the Sacramento Kings’ starting point guard explains that fear pushes him to work harder each and every day.

But to this day, every practice, every game, I’m paranoid.  Like, man I might not be starting tomorrow; I gotta go this much more harder than the next dude.  ‘Cause every year in my sport there’s new (dudes) coming in – a new set of 60 and even more.  And they’re trying to eat ya’.

Watch the video in its entirety below.

[youtube id=”neIbXtIHVhU” width=”600″ height=”350″ align=”center”]


Jonathan Santiago
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