WATCH: DeMarcus Cousins addresses shove to Vince Carter

DeMarcus Cousins was frustrated after last night’s 117-112 loss to the Dallas Mavericks.  But his frustration appeared to be a different kind of frustration.  Unlike so many incidents past, the Sacramento Kings big man looked dejected, not angry, after committing a flagrant foul that earned him his second ejection of the season.  He looked disappointed that his emotions once again got the best of him in such a bang-bang play.  Let’s revisit a breakdown of the shove to Vince Carter that happened late in overtime of last night’s Kings’ defeat with James Ham.

Carter went down in a heap and Cousins tried to catch him to prevent more damage, but the deed was done.  Cousins may hear from the league on this one, but the incident happened directly in front of my courtside media seat and I’m not sure he deserves a suspension.  It looked like an emotional reaction that Cousins tried to take back mid-swing and Carter did a solid job of selling it.

Judge Cousins’ reaction to his latest setback for yourself by watching the video below.


Jonathan Santiago
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