WATCH: Darren Collison signs his contract with the Sacramento Kings

LAS VEGAS – The paperwork is in.  Darren Collison officially became the newest addition to the Sacramento Kings by putting a four-year, $16-million deal into writing on Saturday.

“It’s a blessing,” Collison said after signing his new contract with the Kings.  “You think about all the hard work that you put into this game.  The sacrifice that you had to make for your family, to go out there, wake up early in the morning.  The things you had to listen to from your parents – and my parents, they’ve been such a supportive and active role in my life.  It just means a lot to sign the paperwork because you just think about a lot that stuff, all that hard work that you put in.

Collison said the Kings interest in him was immediate.  As soon free agency officially tipped off at 9:01 pm PT on Thursday, the 26-year-old point guard received a phone call from the Kings, who pitched him on joining the franchise.

“That meant a lot to me,” Collison said of getting the early call from Kings brass about signing with the club.  “It shows that a team is really trying to work with me.  They were real aggressive.  They told me their future, they told me their plans and I just like every part of their vision.  I think they have a really, really bright future.  I think we can do something special.”

Along with Kings general manager Pete D’Alessandro, the six-year veteran out of UCLA discussed what he hopes to brings to Sacramento and attempted to dispel some of the perceptions about his game.


Jonathan Santiago
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