Wall on Cousins: ‘He’s the most skilled big man’

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John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins are very good friends. Both had success in high school and at Kentucky but Wall is the lone Wildcat of the two who has tasted a little bit of success in the NBA.

Wall has reached the playoffs twice in his career and Cousins has barley reached 30 wins for the first time in six seasons.

I guarantee that if you had asked Cousins his rookie season that he would have reached 30 wins for the first time in his sixth season, he would’ve laughed because he’s extremely competitive and hates losing.

“I’m not really excited about that,” Cousins said.

Most people say NBA players hate to lose. I would put Cousins in a different category that takes that hate to a different level. An extreme level!

Tonight, Cousins earned his 16th technical foul of the season resulting in a one-game suspension. And it was a strange technical foul to say the least. I guess clapping is frowned upon in the NBA.

“If I say something I’ll get punished and if I don’t say something I’ll get punished,” Cousins said.

Those are the comments that frustrate fans that are behind Cousins and understand that if he got his act together mentally, he would have a better chance to lead the Kings into the playoffs. If you stay quiet, I can almost guarantee that you will not get punished Mr. Cousins.

Cousins is an amazing talent on the court and has been more than generous in the community but this continual justification of himself needs to change if he expects to lead his team to the playoffs. He needs to own up to his mistakes.

The issue right now is the mental side of the game for Cousins. Wall said it best in the beginning of our interview:

“When he’s healthy, he’s playing the right way, he’s not getting technical’s and getting in trouble, he is, he’s the most skilled big man,” Wall told Cowbell Kingdom. “He can do whatever he wants, go in the post, he rebounds, he does everything they need for this team and they go to him and he did a great job tonight.”

It seems like most players and basketball enthusiasts I’ve spoken to around the league understand that Cousins’ negative attitude is really holding him back but the one person that needs to see it really doesn’t.

Has Wall tried to reach out to his good friend and give him advice on how to approach the game differently from a mental aspect?

“He knows what it takes, he knows what it is,” Wall told Cowbell Kingdom. “He’s been winning for most of his whole life like I have. He’s frustrated when you’re not winning.”

“They were on the right path early on in the season, they dealt with a little bit of injuries and things like that, then coaching changing stuff,” Wall said. “But other than that, they got a great core of guys that if they all mesh together and play the right way for a whole 82 games, then they’ll give themselves a shot.”

Now, the question is will Cousins get another shot next season to redeem himself and lead his team to the playoffs?

That is yet to be determined but what we do know is that Vlade Divac and Cousins have a great relationship. Divac earned a multi-year extension today, which only bodes well with Cousins’ chances of staying in Sacramento for another season.

The end of this season can’t come soon enough. The suspense of not knowing what the Kings will do is really exciting. At least for me it is.



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