Voisin: Chuck Hayes has pericarditis

According to the Sacramento Bee’s Aileen Voisin, it is a case of pericarditis that caused the Sacramento Kings to void the 4yr/$21.4 million contract of Chuck Hayes.  We have way too little confirmation or information to fully explain the Hayes situation, but needless to say, any heart condition is serious and needs the appropriate privacy.

For the webMD’s out there, pericarditis is the inflammation of the pericardium (the sac surrounding the heart).  Although pericarditis can be deadly if left untreated, it is also curable.

Before Tuesday nights pre-season match-up against the Golden State Warriors, Coach Paul Westphal spoke briefly on the Chuck Hayes situation.  Although Hayes is no longer a King, Westphal was more than willing to give Chuck Hayes a second look if his health issues are resolved, “Absolutely. He made a big impression on people in the short time he was here.”

According to Westphal, the Kings are still looking to add some front court depth.  Today, they struck out with former King Samuel Dalembert, after he chose to sign a two year deal with the Houston Rockets.  With the free agency cupboard almost bare, the Kings are going to have to be creative with how they add this final piece to the puzzle.

The Kings are approximately $2 million dollars under the NBA’s minimum salary threshold of $46.4 million and nearly $14 million under the $58 million salary cap.


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