Video: What went right for Cousins and Evans in Keith Smart’s coaching debut

More reaction from the postgame scrum with Kings teammates DeMarcus Cousins and Tyreke Evans.

  • Cousins made it clear he doesn’t want out of the capital city. ¬† “Letting the record be known right now, Sacramento is the place I want to be. ¬†Just for everybody to know, I don’t want to be anywhere else but Sacramento.”
  • Cousins is aware he still has much to improve on as a young adult. “I mean I know I make my mistakes, but hell I’m human ¬†Everybody makes mistakes. ¬†It just seems like my mistakes are bigger than what they should be. ¬†At the same time, I’m still growing, I never said I was perfect. ¬†I got a lot of improvement to do, I know that. ¬†But I’ma keep working, I’ma keep fighting (and) trying to help my teammates win games.”
  • Cousins also talked how the team felt “freer” last night. ¬†“You didn’t feel like you had like 30 lbs. bags on your back. ¬†You just felt free. ¬†It felt good to be out there, we were having fun. ¬†Even though we were battling back the whole time, we were having fun, at the same time. ¬†We were having fun working and it felt good out there tonight.”
  • Evans also agreed with Cousins’ statement about feeling more “free” and was less constrained and bogged down by the playbook. ¬†He credited Keith Smart’s fluid approach to their offense as a reason for yesterday evening’s success. “He just wanted us to go out there and have fun.” ¬†The Kings guard added that Smart mixed up the playbook, drawing plays for a number of different players down the stretch.
  • Smart says this team needs to become a family. ¬†Evans agreed. ¬†“He talked to me about it, just calling the guys over for dinner and watch some of the other games, and just being a team and a family, and I think (he’s) right with that.”



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