Video: Thomas Robinson puts on a show

On the first day of mini camp, Thomas Robinson drew oohs and aahs from members of the media while we watched from behind the media glass.  There is something special about that first time you get to see a prospect up close and with your own two eyes.  Robinson didn’t disappoint.

He flies all over the court like a man possessed, grabbing rebounds, hitting jumpers and, yes, leading the break.  That’s right, he can dribble and he can pass. Although once he begins playing against NBA players, the Kings will probably ask him to put some of those skills away.  Here is a little clip of Robinson leading the break on his first day of camp.

With summer league just a day away, Robinson looks primed to impress.  It’s hard to judge how far away he is from contributing major minutes for the Kings because of the level of competition he’s been playing against, but his future is very bright.


James Ham

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