Video: The first and last of Chuck Hayes in a Kings uniform

The first and only time we got to see Chuck Hayes in a Sacramento Kings uniform was last week at media day.  He had this to say about being courted by several different teams during his free agency.

It was flattering.  I didn’t realize all these other teams were interested in me.  I didn’t realize they watched me play and they valued the way I play.  So it was flattering, but it was a little more stressful than people think.

It should be easy.  But to make a decision to change your address and change your lifestyle as far as where you live and relocating to a whole different city and environment, it makes you realize that these are decisions that are going to influence the rest of your life.  So I prayed about it, I did my research and Sacramento is where I wanted to be.

James Ham also contributed to this post.


Jonathan Santiago
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