Video: Man throws wallet at Mayor Kevin Johnson

Ah, council meetings at Sacramento City Hall.  Like Forrest Gump, you just never know what you’re gonna get during public comment.  From Ryan Lillis of the Sacramento Bee:

Perhaps the most colorful meeting of what has been a lively few months played out Tuesday. An enraged man named Leo Benavidez, asserting that his identity had been stolen, threw his wallet at Mayor Kevin Johnson during the public comment period.

Benavidez had gone over his allotted two minutes of speaking time. When Johnson pounded his gavel, the man responded, “If you want my identity, then take my (expletive) wallet.” He then reached into his back pocket and flung his wallet at the council dais.

Johnson, who is said to despise sitting through long-winded council sessions, did not flinch. Benavidez was escorted out of the council chamber by three police officers. On the way out, one of the officers told him he was welcome to return next week.

Didn’t flinch?  Impressive.  Much better reaction than former teammate Charles Barkley, who too has had things thrown his way. Those years enduring the heckles of loud-mouthed NBA fans were good for something, I guess.


Jonathan Santiago
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