Video: Maloofs talk arena, new CBA, revenue sharing

The Maloofs finally broke their silence today, meeting the press at Sacramento Kings Media Day this afternoon.  The video above includes quotes from Joe and Gavin addressing questions about the arena project, the NBA’s new collective bargaining agreement and revenue sharing.

Additional link:  Ailene Voisin of the Sacramento Bee reports that the Maloofs may be softening on that March 1st relocation deadline.

“I’m sure we’ll always have flexibility,” said the oldest of the Maloof siblings. “The league has always been flexible … so I don’t know about that (a firm deadline.). There are a lot of people working in a positive vein this time, where before, there was a lot of negativity. But everybody is on board. So we’re optimistic guys. We want to get it done here in Sacramento.”

Added Gavin Maloof: “We’re very happy to be here. Obviously the city and the fans have meant a lot to us over the last 12-13 years of our ownership.”


Jonathan Santiago
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