Video: Jimmer Fredette teaches kids the art of shooting

Typically this time of year we’re knee deep in NBA free agency and summer league action.  But with the league in work stoppage mode, pro-am leagues and youth basketball camps hosted by NBA players have become all the rage this July.

After a rough (pun intended) weekend on the golf course at the American Century Classic, Kings rookie Jimmer Fredette flew back to Utah to host his own youth camp.  And instead of dunking on kids or shot-blocking campers, Fredette opted to wow a portion of the 600 attendees with his endless range.

From ABC 4 in Salt Lake City:

But after Jimmer sank no less than three 60-footers, the question was asked, is it really possible to teach kids how to Jimmer?

“You just have to teach them to go out there and practice as hard as they can,” Jimmer said. “That’s what I did. I practiced a lot. They can be just as good a shooter as I am if they go out and work as hard as they can. A lot of these kids could be even better than me if they wanted to.”


Jonathan Santiago
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