Video: Hassan Whiteside fooling kids at a Jesuit High School Rally

You’ve probably seen LeBron James (twice actually) and more recently, Chris Paul handle their business against the younger generation.  Now watch as Kings center Hassan Whiteside goes to work on kids at a student rally yesterday at Jesuit High School.

One additional note:  A student in the video asks Whiteside what’s been the toughest challenge he’s faced in his career so far, and no surprise, he says the knee injury that kept him out his rookie year.  Out of everyone who played in the Goon Squad Classic two weeks ago, the general consensus among those in attendance was that Tyreke Evans looked the most impressive.  But considering the left knee issues Whiteside battled all season, I was pretty impressed by the Kings center, who said before the game he had just been cleared to start playing a few weeks ago.  Granted the GSC was just an exhibition, however Whiteside looked explosive and moved fluidly throughout the game.  When I asked who impressed him most after the game, Donté Greene co-signed:

Hassan looked real good.  Hassan Whiteside didn’t get a chance to play last year, injury-prone.  So it was good to see him out there getting dunks and doing his thing.


Jonathan Santiago
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