Video: Former King Larry Drew looks back at team’s first year in Sacramento

After leaving Kansas City, the Kings tipped off the 1985-86 season in Sacramento, their first in the capital city. Long-time Kings’ radio broadcaster Gary Gerould reminisced over that time during a segment in “Small Market, Big Heart”.

It was a transitional time, but it’s a time that brought an era of excitement to this city. And I’ve lived in Sacramento now for what?  Getting close to 50 years.  I’ve never seen anything quite like that.

Atlanta Hawks Head Coach Larry Drew was a member of the team that made the transition from Kansas City to Sacramento. When the Hawks made their lone visit to Power Balance Pavilion this season, I asked him about that period of his career. He was traded to the Los Angeles Clippers after that inaugural year, but Drew looks back at his lone season in Sacramento fondly.

With a 37-45 record, Drew and the Kings made the playoffs that year as the seventh seed in the Western Conference. They were swept in the first round by the Houston Rockets.


Jonathan Santiago
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