Update on the Euro Kings


The Euro Kings, Arturas Gudaitis and Luka Mitrovic aren’t having a good year. But the light at the end of the tunnel is beginning to look brighter for the European young men.

The Lithuanian center played again last Sunday. New head coach of Lietuvos Rytas (8-2), Aurimas Jasilionis, only gave Gudaitis six minutes. In the limited action, Gudaitis grabbed one rebound and received two fouls.

It was the first game for Gudaitis since the 17th of October when he suffered his second injury of the season. The big man is averaging 11 points, three rebounds and one steal in 16 minutes per game.

Several kilometers south, the other Euro King continues with his recovery. A month ago, Mitrovic suffered a hard injury but is already recovering at a high rate. In his blog in the Adriatic League website, the forward from Serbia has written about his life since the surgery.

“I guess injuries are the only not beautiful thing in this game. I have to accept the situation and look for some good things,” said Mitrovic.

“My therapy has been watching games, lecture and video games: NBA, Pro Evolution Soccer, Call of Duty…Dangubic (his teammate Nemanja Dangubic, selected by the Philadelphia 76ers with the 54th pick in the 2014 NBA Draft) came here almost every day and he suffered on the joysticks,” wrote the Serbian player.

His team, KK Crvena Zvezda, is second in the Adriatic League with an 8-3 record. In the EuroLeague, they are the worst team in Group A, where the current champion Real Madrid is playing.

“The next game is against Real Madrid and this match is a basketball party for KK Crvena Zvezda’s fans. Hey, we play against the European Champion! We have to support them on the court, so I invite everybody to come to Pionir next Friday and give some support to our team. I’ll be there.”


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