Tyreke going to see a foot specialist

Tyreke Evans tweeted earlier that he’s headed to a foot specialist to check on his plantar fasciitis.

While I agree with Reke that Kings fans shouldn’t be worried yet, there should be some concern. Kings fans remember just how debilitating plantar fasciitis is. Peja Stojakovic had it when he was here and it’s just a very painful and uncomfortable ailment that can take months or even longer to heal. It requires rest, stretching, ice and other treatment to heal. When you have it and you’re the lead player for a NBA team everyday, it makes it hard to get that much needed rest.

The fact that Tyreke can play with it so far shows that he either has a ridiculously high level of pain tolerance or the injury is somewhat minor for the time being. I’ve been told it feels like a really painful and gigantic bruise on the bottom of your foot and you feel it with nearly every step and movement you take. Unfortunately for Tyreke, he’s a NBA player and not a blogger so his job requires him to take a lot of steps (insert traveling violation joke here).

I don’t think the Kings would be dumb enough to let Evans play if the fasciitis was really out of control. The training staff isn’t irresponsible and the organization can’t afford to risk losing him long-term due to an injury like that.


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