Tyreke Evans shows off his new jumper

Similar to last off-season, Kings fans have been clamoring for a glimpse of Tyreke Evans’ preseason jump shot.  A few weeks ago we saw Evans at the Goon Squad Classic and although he scored over 50 points and hit plenty of jumpers, his distinct upper body fall-away was back.  That is not what we saw today.


Tyreke Evans has made a major adjustment in his stance.  As opposed to his customary lean, Evans has staggered his feet.  This adjustment seems to be giving him the desired torque in his upper body, while improving his balance and consistency.  Evans needs to continue to work with this mechanical adjustment to develop muscle memory.  There will probably be times where he reverts to his old form during games due to fatigue or lack of focus, but this is the most substantial change we have seen in his form to date.

If you watch closely, when Evans begins shooting from the top of the key, you can see his body fighting the new form.  His natural instinct is to cock his chest back before his delivery.  You can also see how the adjustment has smoothed out his release motion and added consistency to his stroke.


James Ham

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