Tyreke Evans heads to the doctor.

According to Sacramento Kings head coach Paul Westphal, Tyreke Evans is having his ailing left foot re-inspected by Dr. Richard Ferkel today in Los Angeles.  If all goes well, Evans will lose the boot and start the process of getting back into game shape.

“He says he is feeling good.  Assuming he gets the clearance tomorrow, then he will be able to start working out.  The smart money is that a week or ten days, he’ll be playing a game.”

Westphal continued, saying that it is still too early to put a time table on Evans return until the doctors have chimed in, but that a week to ten days “is the hope that that’s what we hear and that’s reasonable to expect we could hear that.”  Tyreke has been in a walking boot since a series of three shock wave treatments began to help relieve his re0ccuring case of plantar fasciitis.

A lot has happened during his 14 game absence, including the addition of a possible long term back-court mate in Marcus Thornton.  Thornton scored a career high 42 points Monday night against the Golden State Warriors, and has averaged an impressive 22 points a game in his first ten contests as a King.  Coach Westphal was not willing to commit to a starting line-up when Evans finally returns, but he did say that he will use whatever remaining games to mix and match his three potential starting guards, possibly even trying all three on the court at the same time.

As news rolls in throughout the day, we will try and update Tyreke’s status going forward.


James Ham

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