Tyreke Evans and Dude Perfect for StandWithReke.com

I’ve discussed this before and I’ll say it one more time. I think it’s stupid that people have to lobby for awards in the NBA.

Especially when that someone (Tyreke Evans) has been the runaway candidate for Rookie of the Year. I guess history by a rookie is questioned by some when the competition for the award is a point guard who had an embarrassing shooting stretch over the course of three (!) months and the other is a player who has put up numbers almost as impressive as Tyreke’s numbers, only for two fewer months.

Regardless, Tyreke Evans’ ROY campaign has been going on for the past few weeks and now is really getting going with the guys from Dude Perfect joining forces with Evans.

(H/T – Trey Kerby at BDL)

This was my favorite video because you got to see some of the personality that Tyreke has, which he rarely shows. He’s so about business and getting the job done that it’s nice to see him cut loose a little bit. Hopefully as the Kings get better over the next couple years, we’ll see more of this side of him.

All in all, there are six videos with trick shots. You should definitely check them out and check out StandWithReke.com. Lots of good, fun stuff going on with this Rookie of the Year campaign.


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