Tyreke and the NBA Stars take on the PBA

Game footage of yesterday’s NBA Stars vs. PBA Stars is now available via youtube.  Although it is slightly pieced together through these six segments below, most of the game is here for your viewing pleasure.

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The NBA Stars began the game with a starting line-up of Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose and JaVale McGee. The PBA got off to an early 16-12 lead over the NBA Stars, but that lead didn’t hold up long.  At the 6:50 mark, Tyreke Evans got a nice lead pass from James Harden and finished with a huge dunk on the break.



Make sure to watch at the :58 second mark of this second clip.  Tyreke Evans draws a huge crowd reaction with a little cross-over followed by a pull-up jumper from the left arc.  At the 4:16 mark, Evans makes a nice move in transition and then sets up JaVale McGee for the dunk.  The second quarter was all Tyreke as he again used the cross-over at the 4:52 mark and buried a clean top of the key three.



These two clips cover the third quarter and half time, but again, they are a little bit jumbled up.  Since there is a gap missing in the second quarter, the half time stats tell us that Tyreke Evans finished with seven points early on.  The NBA Stars were led by Kevin Durant’s 20 points, which included a three point barrage that helped his team get separation from the home team.  The halftime show included a three point shoot-out, which Chris Paul and James Harden won by a single point.



Tune in at the 3:38 mark of this clip to watch Tyreke Evans hit James Harden for a breakaway dunk – the crowd went nuts.  At the 5:37 mark, Tyreke made a very nice off-ball back cut and was rewarded with an open lay-up.  Tune in again at 6:35 to watch Tyreke set up his man with the dribble for 12 seconds before hitting the 20-foot jumper.  To begin the fourth quarter, Tyreke Evans missed a catch and shoot three from the corner- what struck me about this play is that I don’t remember Evans ever taking a catch and shoot three from the corner as a Sacramento King.  Tyreke served up James Harden again at the 9:55 mark, this time for a sweet ally-oop dunk.  10:24 in, you can watch a vintage Tyreke Evans spin move to the hole for an easy lay-in.  At 13:22, Tyreke attempted a highlight reel pass to himself off the backboard for a flying one handed dunk.  He missed, but the crowd loved the effort.  Let the tape roll for a few seconds to watch a replay of JaVale McGee’s crazy dunk followed by an attempted leaping, between the legs ally-oop pass by Tyreke that Derrick Williams failed to convert.



After missing on the Tyreke Evans pass in the previous clip, Derrick Williams took an awesome Chris Paul ally-oop and hammered it home around the :52 point of this last clip.  After a short break, Tyreke came back into the game with a little over three minutes remaining in the fourth- just in time to watch Chris Paul make a crazy move on his Filipino defender at the 4:00 mark of the clip. The game finished with a very sloppy final two minutes as both teams stopped playing defense and attempted highlight reel plays.  The NBA Stars were too much for the PBA all-stars as the game finished in a rout 131-105.

Similar to an NBA All-Star game, this exhibition was more flash than substance.  JaVale McGee had at least five inches on every PBA player and the same could probably be said about Kevin Durant.  Either way, basketball is king in the Philippines and the crowd was electric.


James Ham

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