Ty Corbin garners praise for summer league coaching job

Tyrone Corbin on the sidelines at Las Vegas Summer League for the Sacramento Kings. (Photo: Jonathan Santiago)

LAS VEGAS – The Sacramento Kings ended their stay in Las Vegas with a bang by winning the second-annual NBA Summer League tournament. The players will get much of the credit, but new lead assistant Ty Corbin deserves some recognition, as well.

Corbin wasn’t even under contract yet when he coached the Kings’ first game in Vegas, a loss to the San Antonio Spurs. That’s how quick of a turnaround this summer league was for Michael Malone’s new assistant coach

But Corbin made it work with his new team. Despite missing part of the Kings’ training camp, Corbin was able to integrate his personality into the organization’s summer league team.

“I give him a lot of credit,” Malone said of Corbin. “He missed the first four practices; then he comes in and is able to get this team under his direction and get them used to his voice. And then all the other coaches helped him out with that as well, helping him get caught up to speed.”

Malone and Corbin have an existing relationship that dates back to the two coaches’ time together with the New York Knicks. The mutual admiration and respect by both head coaches is part of what led Malone to bring Corbin on board. The need for a veteran coaching voice was another.

“I hired Ty not with the hopes that we’d win the summer league championship,” Malone said. “But it was great that he was able to do that as a head coach and he’s gonna be a big help for me and the entire organization.”

Corbin is coming to Sacramento after a successful run with the Utah Jazz. They decided to go a different direction in Salt Lake City, but it doesn’t mean that he didn’t leave an impact on the young players he coached.

Trey Burke has great respect for Corbin, who coached him during his rookie year in Utah. He called Corbin a players’ coach who will relate well to his new roster in Sacramento.

“Coach Corbin, he’s a teacher,” Burke said. “He’s a guy that’s gonna really take his time to teach you what he feels you need to learn. You always want a guy like that – a guy that’s played in the NBA. Players’ coaches – players love that more than anything.”


Jonathan Santiago
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