Tuesday Cowbell Clippings: Starring what Magic Johnson said about personally assisting the arena project

  • We told you last week that Los Angeles Laker great Magic Johnson pledged not only to get Kevin Johnson re-elected, but to also help finance a new arena during a campaign event for the mayor.  But what did he say exactly?  KFBK News Director Judy Farah has a transcript. “We want to make sure that I’m writing a check…(KJ interrupts and yells, “Write it right now!”) No, I’m not talking about a check to him, but a check…(dramatic pause) — He knows he gonna get the check (for re-election). I’m talking about a check to bring jobs and bring opportunity here…This city deserves to keep the Kings. This city deserves to have more job opportunities for the people who live here.”
  • Andrei Kirilenko has the Sacramento Kings on his radar if he decides to return to the NBA.  So says Ailene Voisin of the Sacramento Bee, but… “The catch is that the wiry, athletic Kirilenko, a native of St. Petersburg who would be a wonderful complement to a frontline featuring DeMarcus Cousins and John Salmons, is thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to play in his native Russia. Unlike the other NBA players who returned to the United States shortly after the lockout ended, Kirilenko stayed with CSKA. One scenario is that he remains overseas for the shortened season and returns to the NBA next year.”
  • Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee has a story on new Kings forward/center Chuck Hayes in today’s paper.  The Modesto Christian grad is quite modest about his bruising play.  “‘Nah, Nah. … I don’t think I’m a tough guy,’ Hayes said. ‘I just think I’m a hard worker. I pride myself on being a hard worker, getting the best out of my ability. And if the chips fall good for me, great.'”
  • Milwaukee Bucks owner Herb Kohl spoke candidly about CBA negotiations to reporters at Bucks media day.  Jeremy Schmidt, from fellow TrueHoop Network affiliate Bucksketball, shares what Kohl said about revenue sharing. “The Senator acknowledged that under the new revenue sharing system, the Bucks would receive somewhere between $15 and $17 million. Revenue sharing, the saving grace of Milwaukee sports will be more aggressive than ever in professional basketball. And not a moment too soon, according to Senator Kohl. Kohl said the larger market owners understood that if the league was going to move forward for all 30 teams, there would have to be a more aggressive revenue sharing model. One that includes sharing local revenue. ‘It’s been a, obviously an existential issue for the Milwaukee Bucks,’ he said. ‘I wasn’t alone, there were many smaller market teams that were involved along with myself. And there was a willingness on the part of the league and the larger market teams to entertain the prospect of robust revenue sharing and I think we’re now moving in that direction and I’m very happy about it.'”
  • At SB Nation Bay Area, the Bay Area Sports Guy jokes that the Kings should have their own reality show this season.  Here’s his proposed storyline for episode one. “The Kings’ owners bring the squad together for a little preseason bonding at Gavin’s $16 million Vegas mansion, as Lil’ Wayne films the sequel video to his hit song “Lollipop.” Jimmer hides in a closet, wondering what he’s gotten himself into.”


Jonathan Santiago
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