Tuesday Cowbell Clippings: Leading off with a message of thanks from Chuck Hayes

  • Bobby Jackson on what former teammate Peja Stojakovic might do in retirement: “Probably modeling.  So Peja if you hear me man…You know his wife was a model.  He’s getting thin at the top of his head.  So I don’t know many men models with bald spots on the top of their heads.  He might have to cut it all off…”
  • Akis Yerocostas of Sactown Royalty might be Stojakovic’s biggest fan: “Nobody else has ever worn the #16 in Sacramento Kings history. Nobody else should. Peja belongs in the rafters with Vlade and Chris, because he was just as important to this team and this city.”
  • So far, rookie Jimmer Fredette seems to basking in the glory of relative obscurity in SacramentoSam Amick of Sports Illustrated reports:  “‘It’s not nearly like it is in Utah right now,’ Fredette said. ‘Maybe it will get to that. Maybe it won’t. We’ll see. If I can play well, then people will recognize me and everything. But it’s definitely a lot different right now. You can go to the grocery store and sometimes people don’t stop you yet. It’s a nice change of pace, for sure. But hopefully at some point it’ll happen, because if it does happen then it means you’re playing well.'”
  • From Sunday’s Sacramento Bee, Ailene Voisin’s full transcript of her 90-minute conversation with Joe and Gavin Maloof.  Joe says they’re debt free: ” We have no debt – we wiped out all our debt. We’re doing great financially now. Vegas just got caught in that downward cycle. It will come back, but it will take a while.”
  • The Sacramento Bee’s Marcos Breton believes an arena can be built, as long as the NBA and Kings do their part financially: “If the league and the Kings can guarantee any shortfall in arena funding and assume responsibility for cost overruns, this Sacramento arena deal is in business.”
  • John Salmons thinks you’re not doing it right if you need somebody to dress you.  ESPN Page 2 Columnist Kelley Carter conducted a Q&A with the veteran forward on fashion: “I know a lot of guys have stylists, and I don’t have anything against hiring stylists or anything against stylists. People need stylists, but I feel like if you rely on a stylist, I don’t really consider you a great dresser. Your stylist is the real dresser behind you. So, guys who I’ve played with who I know they go to the stores, they pick out their clothes, is a guy like Jannero Pargo, who is a pretty good dresser. Bobby Jackson, I played with him in Sacramento — he’s actually an assistant coach with Sacramento now — he’s a pretty good dresser. Same with Keyon Dooling.”

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