Training Camp Update: Day 16.

Dalembert and Jeter working with Carril.

Injury Report:

  • Samuel Dalembert (adductor)- Out, but he did come out and work with Coach Carril and Pooh Jeter on setting screens.
  • Hassan Whiteside (patella tendon)- He’s back! Hassan is still not cleared for full practice but he did partake in 5 on 0 drills. He should be cleared for full contact soon. Go here for more details.

Coaches notes and quotes:

  • Westphal on the offense last night against the Clippers: “I think it’s mostly that the time table for what we put in was probably a little off. I think we simplified and got back to the basics and it looked really good today both offensively and defensively. I thought it was one of our best days of practice.”
  • DeMarcus Cousins.On the tandem of Landry and Cousins in the front court: “Oh, I think it’s a good thing. They are both versatile, if they were specialists, it would be a problem. They would keep bumping into each other, but I think they complement each other really well.”
  • On Tyreke Evans’ play last night against the Clippers: “He struggled with everybody else in the first quarter, he hardly touched the ball and that is one of the reasons we are going to change it up a bit, to involve him more. I think he’s getting better and better through training camp and I think we’ll keep him….(smile)”
  • On Darnell Jackson: “From the first day of camp, we have been talking about how well he is playing. He backs it up continuously. We wouldn’t have won the game without him.”
  • On Casspi’s play against the Clippers: “He played outstanding yesterday. That was his best game in some time and we really liked the way he was playing on both ends of the floor.”

Training camp is winding down and the players look like they can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Like every other day, Pooh Jeter worked with multiple coaches on his stop and pop shot. Carl Landry did his regular thing as well, this time integrating Hassan Whiteside into the festivities. Evans and Garcia pulled DeMarcus Cousins into their post practice game- mostly to make fun of him, and possibly to steal his money. Cousins had the last laugh when he was the first of the three to bury a half court (video above).

Quotes of interest from NBATV’s Kings preview last night:

  • Pete Carril, from Las Vegas Summer League, talking about DeMarcus Cousins: “This guy is an original. He has different ideas on how to approach the game. He throws nice passes, he takes shots at the top of the key…and they go in. If he gets doubled, he’s finding somebody. He has to run a little bit harder and defend. He’s just young. He’s only 19, but in terms of what you can do with a guy like that, it’s just incredible.”
  • Chris Webber on Coach Carril and on Carril’s comments on Cousins: “I love Coach Carril. I love him. I love him. It’s hard to get his approval. He’s very honest with you and he works you to death like a dog. If you’re not ready to be a man or an NBA player then don’t go around him. Him giving Cousins these compliments is really all I need to hear for Cousins to have my trust. I’m excited to see how bright his future is going to be in Sacramento.”

Coming up tomorrow, The Purple Panjandrum sits down with Sacramento Kings guard Beno Udrih in the 7th installment of pre-season player interviews.



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