Thursday meeting set between owners and players association.

Liz Mullen of Sports Business Journal Daily has reported via twitter, that before the NBA collective bargaining agreement ends on Thursday evening, the NBPA and the NBA owners will meet one last time in attempt to avoid a lockout.  Mullen has tweeted these statements by NBPA Executive Director Billy Hunter:

NBPA Exec Dir Billy Hunter: “If both sides demonstrate a willingness, time can be extended.” NBA CBA expires midnight Friday.

Followed by:

“If no progress is being made by the 2 sides, then the NBA will impose a lockout.”

These are scary times for NBA fans, especially here in Sacramento.  After so much fighting to keep the team in town, the impending lockout will basically shutdown business operations, eventually put employees out of work and hurt tickets sales.

Here’s to cooler heads prevailing on Thursday afternoon.



James Ham

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