Think Big Sacramento’s official press release on the abandonment of Plan B

Following up on our post from earlier today, Think Big Sacramento and Mayor Kevin Johnson have released a statement regarding the decision to move on from the entertainment and sports complex in the Sacramento Railyards.

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Think BIG Expands Efforts to Promote Sacramento Economy

Mayor and Think BIG announce broader goals for to promote job creation and economic development throughout Sacramento region

SACRAMENTO – Today, Mayor Kevin Johnson provided an update on efforts to build an entertainment and sports complex at the downtown Railyards and announced plans to broaden the scope of Think BIG’s efforts to create jobs and economic development throughout the Sacramento region.

Since the end of discussions regarding development of a downtown complex anchored by the Sacramento Kings in April, the Mayor and Think BIG have been evaluating potential “Plan B” options, including the development of a complex without an anchor tenant, similar to the AEG-developed Sprint Center in Kansas City. After several weeks of discussions and analysis, the Mayor, Think BIG and AEG have concluded that this model would not be viable in the Sacramento market.

“AEG remains fully committed to Sacramento,” explained the Mayor. “But the kind of economic impact both AEG and I envision for our community will require a facility anchored by a major professional sports team.”

Looking beyond Plan B, the Mayor discussed broader possibilities for the Railyards and Think BIG.

“Think BIG has always bigger than basketball, and even bigger than an arena,” explained the Mayor. “Now is the perfect time for Think BIG to lead our community’s exploration of broader goals for economic growth, at the Railyards, across downtown Sacramento, and throughout our region.”

As a first order of business, Think BIG will evaluate a range of potential uses for the downtown Railyards with transformative potential to create jobs and economic development. Potential projects could include new arts facilities, sports facilities, entertainment districts or corporate headquarters.

“Think BIG is ready to take on this next challenge,” explained Think BIG Executive  Director Kunal Merchant. “There is so much incredible work already in progress at the Railyards, and we’re eager to help ensure that our region maximizes the potential of this once-in-a-generation opportunity.”

“Beyond the Railyards, Think BIG sees broader opportunities to have an impact,” continued Merchant. “Downtown Sacramento is primed for take off – whether on K Street, Downtown Plaza, Old Sacramento, or our riverfront.  And, more than ever, our region collectively has a chance to improve how we compete for talent, jobs and ideas. The sky is the limit, and we’re 100% up to the task.”

Think BIG is a regional initiative launched by Sacramento  Mayor Kevin Johnson to facilitate construction of a new entertainment and sports complex (“ESC”) that promotes job creation, economic growth, cultural development and civic pride across the greater Sacramento metropolitan area.


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