The Sacramento Kings….of Sacramento?

Big props to the excellent reporting of’s Sam Amick who has a couple of major tidbits to share about the Sacramento Kings’ relocation situation.  First up, the Anaheim grass is not looking so green on the TV front.

The plan as presented in New York included a possible partnership worth $20 million annually with KDOC, an Orange County-based, independent television station that is co-owned by the very man working so hard to make this move happen (Henry Samueli).

The TV deal in Anaheim was initially thought to be in the $30-50 million per year range when rumors first began to swirl about the possible Kings relocation.  Those figures might still materialize once the Lakers’ contract with Fox expires after the 2011-12 season, but it appears that nothing is set in stone on that front or else the Maloof’s would have made it part of their presentation package to the NBA Board of Governors.
Amick’s second bit of news might be even bigger than the first.

There were internal signs that the league is taking Sacramento seriously this week, as two sources said an NBA representative called on Monday to advise the Kings’ business team to prepare the season-ticket packages and corporate sponsorship plans that had been on hold since rumors of the move were legitimized in February.

While this might be a sign that the NBA wants to be prepared for any situation going forward, clearly it is also a smidgen of hope for Kings fans.  Season ticket holders have been waiting for renewal slips for a while, seeing the lack of communication from the Kings as a bad omen.  If the Kings do return for a 27th season, the Maloof’s need to begin mending fences with this group of loyal fans first.
Tomorrow we start this merry-go-round all over again as the NBA comes to Sacramento on their fact finding mission.
Godspeed Mayor Johnson, make Sacramento proud.