The Other Guys: Quincy Acy

Quincy Acy cheering on his teammates in the Kings' 106-91 victory over the Houston Rockets. (Photo: Jonathan Santiago)

It had been a while since Quincy Acy stepped foot onto an NBA court – nine days to be exact. But the Houston Rockets were playing small yesterday afternoon, prompting Michael Malone to call Acy’s number for the first time since the 23-year-old forward was dealt to the Sacramento Kings.

“I felt (with) the match-up, the speed of the game, Quincy would be able to go in there and give us some great minutes,” Malone said after Sunday’s 106-91 victory over Houston. “And I thought he did that.”

Acy checked in late in the first period to spell DeMarcus Cousins. In 13 minutes, his numbers don’t jump out (four points, three rebounds and a block), but stuffing the stat sheet is not the M.O. of the second-year big man. In a conversation with Cowbell Kingdom, Acy tells us that he’s all about doing “all the little stuff.”

CK: Tell us about the kind of player you are.

QA: I do all the little stuff – diving on the floor, rebounding, sticking my nose in there, defending. Just all the little stuff, all the little dirty work. I like to mix it up and bang with the big fellas or I can step back and try to check the little guys. Whatever it is that coach calls me to do, I can come out there and provide it.

CK: So would you say that defense comes first for you?

QA: Yeah, I mean just provide a spark anyway I can. Something to get the crowd, get the team going – whether it be a block, whether it be a jump shot, whether it be a steal. Whatever it is, it might be something different every game. But I just come out and I play hard.

CK: We’ve heard some people compare your game to Reggie Evans.

QA: Is that because I look like him?

CK: I don’t know if it’s necessarily because you look like him, but he’s a guy that likes to crash the glass like you. Would you say that’s a fair comparison?

QA: I mean Reggie is Reggie. I mean, I’m me. He’s great at what he does and I’m still trying to find my niche in the league. I’m bald-headed with a beard, so maybe that’s the comparison and we’re both tough. But I mean, Reggie Evans is Reggie Evans and I’m Quincy Acy.

CK: Coming here to Sacramento, how much of a shock was it find out you were traded after spending the first season of your career in Toronto?

QA: It was a big shock because I was unaware of what was happening. It was kind of just random. I didn’t know. I didn’t hear my name in any trade talks or anything. It just kind of was spur of the moment and then it was official, so it was a shock. I still got all my stuff in Toronto. It’s just a big change.

CK: You’ve been here for just a week now, but how have you been getting acclimated to your new surroundings? Been able to explore Sacramento at all?

QA: Not at all. It’s been just (a whirlwind). I mean we had a road trip when we came in and it’s just been real busy. I think (Saturday) was the first time I actually had time to just sit back and relax and chill after practice. Even then, I still had an appearance so it’s just been hectic. It’s been a lot, but I’m blessed. I can’t complain.

CK: What do you know about Sacramento? Other than from traveling here to play games in the past, what else do you know?

QA: Yeah, I had worked out here and I had stayed here like three days between workouts. One of my good friends that was my roommate in college, he’s actually from here so his family is here. And they cooked me a meal last time I was here so (they’ve) been inviting me over to come get a meal. Sacramento’s a cool town. It kinda feels like Texas with a lot of the flatland and stuff so I feel right at home.

CK: One last question for you. You’re also known for being very enthusiastic and energetic on the bench. Has that just always been a part of your personality as a basketball player?

QA: Yeah, I always have been kind of an energetic guy. I mean, I just love life. So I feel like I’m blessed to be here so why not make the most of it? Just provide any positive energy that I can to the team and just try to get guys going. Because there’s going to be ups and downs throughout the season and I just try to always be the positive guy on the team.


Jonathan Santiago
Jonathan Santiago serves Cowbell Kingdom as senior editor specializing in writing, podcasting and video production. He also handles the majority of CK’s day-to-day beat coverage of the Kings.

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