The Bee's Voisin Chimes in on Melo…

I must preface this discussion with my distaste for the style and quality typically associated with this particular author’s work but the highlighted portion holds two important points worth reiterating that bring us back to yesterday’s post:

Camelo and the Kings?

“If and when the Denver Nuggets commit to a sign-and-trade for Carmelo Anthony, the Kings will thrust themselves into the conversation. Count on it. The Nuggets have offered their all-Star small forward a three-year, $65 million extension, but his intentions are unclear. Is he serious about wanting out? Or just posturing for a sweeter deal? Regardless, the Nuggets front office upheaval doesn’t help matters. New GM Masai Ujiri is walking into a mess, and the last thing a new executive wants to do is trade his franchise player, and probably for lesser parts. That said, Joe and Gavin Maloof have been consistent about two things: (1) They are not interested in adding role players to eat up the salary cap space they’ve finally created; and (2) They are absolutely interested in a game-changer type of player, someone who puts fannies in the seats and affects the won-loss percentage, e.g., a Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony. You can be assured inquiries have been made and discussions will be ongoing.”

-Ailene Voisin

It doesn’t take much to make this leap but Voisin has been known to have a relationship with the Maloof family. Joe and Gavin Maloof were the driving force behind both the Chris Webber and Mike Bibby extensions, not to mention the Stojakovic/Artest deal. With the rest of us clamoring to spend their 15 million in cap space, it makes perfect sense that the Maloofs would be searching for a home run and not a bunt single.

After a quiet summer during one of the biggest free agent bonanzas in NBA history, it will be interesting to see how far the Kings get into the mix in the Melo sweepstakes when young talent and picks will have to be part of the package.


James Ham

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