The Bayer Aspirin Full Contact Rebounding Challenge

This was tweeted by Jon Brockman during All-Star weekend and I couldn’t be more in favor of this idea.

You want to bring some energy into the All-Star festivities? How about we throw a bunch of big men out there in a Battle Royale type of environment and let Mike Wilks or Trevor Ariza shoot jumpers out there to guarantee misses? Then we’ll have these big men fight for the ball. It can be just like Three Flies Up only with Gladiator-sized competitors.

We’ll get Mr. Jon Brockman, DeJuan Blair, Reggie Evans and Joey Dorsey out there and let them slam each other around like a group of over-sized mosh pit participants.

Why can’t this happen? Who doesn’t want to see these four guys fighting for loose balls and trying to out-rebound each other?

Even if it ends up like this…


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