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Experiment: Tyreke Evans Highlights

Tried a little something different here. Here's a little highlight video I put together from Evans' game against the Jazz on November 7th. As most of you remember, it was his first game without Kevin Martin and he scored 32 points and dished out 7 assists. Enjoy and leave your criticisms in the comments if you don't mind. More

Game 2 Recap: Hornets 97, Kings 92

Okay, I don’t really believe in moral victories. It’s fun to through the cliché around from time to time but in professional sports, you shouldn’t be content with losing no matter how bad your team is. So I’ll still say there is no such thing as a moral victory. But I do believe in games of progress and this 97-92 ... More

From BDL: Tyreke Evans Go Manu

Video of Tyreke Evans putting a move on the Warriors in transition that would cause Billy Hoyle to scream, "Don't let him pull the move, don't let him pull the move. That's the move! Oh, that's the move!" (H/T to Mr. Skeets) There will be a full preview on Tuesday for the season but I'll give you a little hint ... More

From SlamOnline.com: ‘Reke Havoc

Wendell Maxey from SlamOnline.com wrote a fantastic story on Tyreke Evans. Check it out after the excerpt: A 6-6, 225-pound point guard, Evans should hold his own against both small and big guards alike around the League. Just ask Steve Blake and Andre Miller. They’ve surely seen enough of Evans for a while. Seen enough of ... More

From Sam Amick: Tyreke Evans Interview

Sam Amick of the Sacramento Bee and the Kings Corner caught up with Tyreke Evans about his injury: (Note: Follow Sam's advice and blast the speakers for all Evans videos. Unfortunately, it will seem like Sam is shouting at 'Reke) More

From Kings.com: Tyreke Evans After First Practice

From Kings Connect, Tyreke Evans speaks to cameras and microphones after the first Kings practice: Be sure to check out reactions from Kevin Martin, Andres Nocioni, and Jason Thompson here. More

LaMont Peterson Talks Tyreke Evans on Kings Connect

LaMont Peterson is the strength and conditioning coach for Tyreke Evans and Andrew Nicholson caught up with him for Kings Connect. Tyreke has known Peterson since he was in the ninth grade when he started working with him as Evans began working towards the NBA. It's kind of crazy to think that he's been training with ... More

Should Tyreke Follow Rondo’s Example?

When I was at the Blogs With Balls Conference in June, I met a lot of great people and fantastic, young writers. Some were established with legitimate writing/journalism jobs and some were just as established as yours truly. One of the people I finally got to meet was Jessica Camerato of WEEI in Boston. She covers the Boston ... More

Tyreke Evans’ Hotel Room Tour

This video via Kings Connect of Tyreke Evans giving us a tour of his hotel room at the Palms when he was in Vegas for the Summer League. Two things: 1) It's really cool to see how his face lit up when he showed the camera his NBA contract. You could see the elation and how much that meant to him. Kind of gives you ... More

Tyreke Evans, Protector of Sofas!

This video from the good folks at Sactown Royalty. And this one I found on Youtube. Don't make him tell you again! UPDATE: I'm an idiot. I didn't even see that StR linked to the second video on the post. Nice work, eyes. More