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Tyreke Evans ROY Halftime Feature

Here's the halftime feature from the broadcast last night: I can't imagine many jobs that are more fun than sifting through Tyreke Evans highlights and putting them together in a montage. More

From the Kings: Rally For Reke Night on March 10th

Unfortunately in today's NBA, marketing means as much to winning awards as actual play on the basketball court. Last year, Kevin Love had his own "glass cleaner" infomercial in order to get some Rookie of the Year recognition. Amare Stoudemire is teaming up with David Spade in order to garner some All-Star votes. And the Bucks ... More

From Jerusalem Sports: Tyreke Evans Not a Point Guard?

Noam Schiller of ESPN.com Daily Dime Live chat commenting fame discusses the idea that people seem to think Tyreke Evans isn't a point guard. My response to people who think he can't play point or is "clearly a shooting guard" is that you "clearly don't watch Kings games." Here's the link. Enjoy. More

“Don’t Let Him Pull That Move…”

"Don't let him pull that move! That's the move! Oh, that's the move!" That's a quote from White Men Can't Jump and it's all I could heard in my head when I watched Tyreke Evans obliterate Tim Duncan on this play late in the Kings' loss to the Spurs. More

Tyreke Evans Has ONIONS!

Apparently, this was Tyreke Evans' house. The Bulls probably feel like it was a home invasion. 35-point comeback. Just incredible. More to come in the early morning. More

Tyreke Evans Picks Gilbert Arenas For The Win: News at 11


Post-Game Quote: Arenas Talks About Evans

Here was a post-game quote from Gilbert Arenas when he was asked about Tyreke Evans: "I like him. He's 6'6 and I think he's about 220 pounds. Guards that come in that size as a rookie are like when LeBron and D. Wade came in at that size, they're hard to guard. I'm considered a big guard in this league and going against Tyreke ... More

Tyreke Evans: Your 2010… MVP?

Frank Hughes from NBA.com has a little fun with the MVP race and throws Tyreke Evans into the Top 10: There are two different views of expectations that enable The Race to have some fun and throw Evans in the mix. First, there are the expectations of the Toronto Raptors, who should have a far better record than they do and ... More

Tyreke Evans Named Western Conference Rookie of the Month

From the Sacramento Kings Media Release: Sacramento Kings guard Tyreke Evans was named Western Conference Rookie of the Month for games played from the start of the season (Oct. 27) through November. Evans is averaging 18.8 points (44.6 FG%, 32.3 3pt%, 79.0 FT%), 5.0 rebounds, 4.7 assists, 1.33 steals, and 36.1 minutes per ... More

Let’s Not Decide the Rookie of the Year Race Just Yet…

It’s easy to get caught up in hype. Really easy. The majority of us were caught up in the Ricky Rubio hype. Many people are caught up in Anthony Randolph hype until they actually watch him have to make a basketball decision. And we all cashed in our chips with LeBron James before he actually even did anything on an NBA ... More