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Tyreke’s halfcourt game-winner

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Come for the Blake Griffin dunks; Stay for the rebuilding process

An all-star capable big man with a volatile and smothering game. A young guard with unlimited scoring ability. Lots of young, talented role players with the potential to become contributors in this league that truly matter. Sound familiar? I’m talking about the 2010 Los Angeles Clippers. The Clippers are an ... More

Warriors 117, Kings 109: Kings fail to the Warriors

NBA 2K11 can get boring at times. Sounds crazy, right? When you do marathon square-offs like my friends and I do, blowouts can be fun for the trash talking and buzzer-beaters are a daggerfest the likes a good NBA League Pass night can give you. However, whenever you have those games that constantly sway between eight ... More

Yet another Tyreke Evans injury update.

The Kings released this official press release last night in regards to Tyreke Evans: Evans Plantar Fasciitis Confirmed Kings' guard Tyreke Evans was examined in Los Angeles yesterday (12/7/10) by Dr. Richard Ferkel, who confirmed that Evans is suffering from plantar fasciitis. Evans will be able to play through the ... More

Tyreke going to see a foot specialist

Tyreke Evans tweeted earlier that he's headed to a foot specialist to check on his plantar fasciitis. While I agree with Reke that Kings fans shouldn't be worried yet, there should be some concern. Kings fans remember just how debilitating plantar fasciitis is. Peja Stojakovic had it when he was here and it's just a very ... More

Kings’ final play against the Mavericks was not a bad play

Immediately after the Kings’ final possession against the Dallas Mavericks failed, Paul Westphal was under scrutiny from those who watched the Kings lose at home in probably their best game of the young season. But after watching it a couple of times, I have to say there was nothing wrong with the play call. It was ... More

Kings should get the point with Tyreke

<img title="Sacramento Kings' Evans drives the ball to the basket past the defense of Cleveland Cavaliers' Sessions during the first half of NBA basketball action in Cleveland" onmousedown="return false;" src="http://view2.picapp.com/pictures.photo/image/10093061/sacramento-kings-evans/sacramento-kings-evans.jpg?size=500&imageId=10093061" border="0" alt="Sacramento Kings' Tyreke Evans (R) drives the ball to the basket past the defense of Cleveland Cavaliers' Ramon Sessions (L) during the first half of NBA basketball action in Cleveland, October 30, 2010. REUTERS/Aaron Josefczyk (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASKETBALL)" width="500" height="408" /> Open up the Sunday paper and you’ll see another article by Ailene Voisin trying to convince you that Tyreke Evans isn’t a point guard. Luckily, the Sacramento Bee properly labeled this column as “Opinion” and nothing else. Because that’s what it is. It’s her opinion on a player she’s been less than kind too over his brief career. The reasoning in her piece is simple: the Kings are trying to trade for a point guard so the idea that Tyreke IS a point guard has clearly run its course. However, I’m wondering if that’s just a matter of circumstance in the league than it is an indictment on what Tyreke is or can be.... More

Bulls 96, Kings 85: Kings were so good until they weren’t anymore

How We Feeling? Totally awesome and then SOOOO the total opposite of awesome. The Kings came out with energy. Evans came out destroying the Bulls and their staunch defensive efforts after he frustratingly missed his first two layups of the game. Samuel Dalembert and Jason Thompson controlled the paint. Donté Greene was the ... More

Kings Split Weekend Games: Remember when offenses used to have movement?

How We Feeling? Sort of feel split down the middle. Literally. The Kings split the weekend games between the Nets and the Hornets (both at home) by playing pretty good defense and offense that ranged from “just good enough” to “OH MY GOD MY EYES IT BURNS SO BAD” type of performance. Against the Nets, the Kings ... More

Knicks 113, Kings 106: You might want to put a hand in their face

How We Feeling? Not and good. Six straight losses is not a way to convince your fan base that you’re on the way up, especially this early into the season when the majority of your losses have been at home. In fact, the Kings are currently 1-5 at home this year and look incapable of closing games out at Arco right now. ... More