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Cowbell Kingdom Podcast Ep 1 – Doug Christie (Part 1)


Glenn James/NBAE/Getty Images
This is the first of what we hope to be many podcasts here at Cowbell Kingdom.  And we couldn't have had a better guest for our inaugural show than former Kings great Doug Christie. Highlights
  • Christie was in town this past week for #HereWeRally.  James Ham and I asked if Kings fans can expect to see more of him in Sacramento this upcoming year.
  • Does a stable family-life make for a better team atmosphere?  We get his thoughts.
  • "Consistency of competing" - one of the aspects Christie says DeMarcus Cousins and Tyreke Evans need more of moving forward with their careers.
Listen to part one after the jump.  Part two will be posted Monday. ... More

DeMarcus Cousins Makes All-Rookie First Team

NBA All-Rookie squads were announced today and DeMarcus Cousins made the cut.  The Kings big man becomes the 10th player in franchise history selected to the league's rookie first team. 1963-64 Jerry Lucas 1973-74 Ron Behagen 1974-75 Scott Wedman 1978-79 Phil Ford 1987-88 Kenny Smith ... More

Westphal talks summer, improvement and what’s next for the Sacramento Kings.

Things in Sacramento have been a wacky lately.  While we here at Cowbell Kingdom like to talk basketball, there has been very little if any basketball talk to speak of.  Relocation - a word that I never wish to type ever again, has been the soup de jour, filling up our pages and eating all of our time.  Surely that word will resurface here and there this season - whispered in bars or by the unkind, but for today we are moving past this.  We are going to talk some basketball and in classic Cowbell fashion, that discussion begins with Sacramento Kings Head Coach, Paul Westphal, who was nice enough to take a call during his break time. James Ham:  First up, you were so complimentary toward the fans down the stretch, how happy are you to come back and finish what you started here in Sacramento? Coach Westphal: I’m very happy about it.  I do understand and I think the fans understand that there is a lot more work to be done.  I think everyone who has watched closely knows what a challenge this has been to rebuild this team and also rebuild the franchise in Sacramento.  I think there have been big steps taken in both directions and the work is not through on either front. James Ham: You said good bye to your players a little over two weeks ago, how did the exit interviews go?  Were there any big surprises or did it go pretty smooth? Coach Westphal: I don’t think there were any big surprises.  I think, as with anything, it’s going to depend on what kind of follow through there is.  There were a lot of positive words and good intentions...we’ll hope for the best as far as improvement over this uncertain summer. James Ham: I think here in Sacramento, with the fight to keep this team here, we have kind of forgotten about the pending labor unrest and how much that can effect next season and your ability to get these guys on the same page early enough to make a real impact. Coach Westphal: Well, I’m not even addressing that (potential lock-out) because it’s not anything I know anything about and we are encouraged not to address that, but whenever a team doesn’t make the playoffs, the summer is going too long under the best of circumstances.  It’s good for the players to get away and rest and that’s what they should do for a while, but at the same time, the summer is one of the best times to improve and if you’re not improving, someone is passing you up because other people are working and that’s the emphasis that we really need to impress on our young players. ... More

Tyreke Evans Baptizes Gary Neal

The game isn't over, and the Kings might lose this game, but Tyreke Evans got biblical with Gary Neal early on. The power of Reke compels you! THE POWER OF REKE COMPELS YOU! More

Thompson out, Dalembert in.

Late news from yesterday- Kings.com's Nate Rose is reporting that starting power forward Jason Thompson is a no-go tonight against the Boston Celtics.  Veteran Samuel Dalembert, who has had tremendous success over the last few games, will start in Thompson's place. Before the injury to Thompson, Coach Paul Westphal had ... More

Taking Tyreke to task and other alliterations

(I lied. There are no more alliterations in this post - at least not intentional ones.) Some might view this as an unfair criticism, but in a game rot with mistakes by the Kings Tyreke Evans really blew this one. A line of 19 points on 18 shots with eight rebounds, fives assists, and only one turnover is not a ... More

Just because you are characters doesn’t mean you have character

I’ve always felt that if you’re a fan of a losing team it’s best to see some progress while still losing a bunch of games. That’s what you should want from your team. It comes down to either being a playoff team or being a lottery team. Those are the only two options possible. So if you were not going to make the ... More

Rotation, Rotation, Rotation.

Paul Westphal is a completely likable guy.  On January 6, 2011, he won the 300th game of his career, a feat that he was unaware of until after the game.  Unfortunately, as the coach of the Sacramento Kings, Westphal has lost more games than he or anyone else would like.  There are certainly many reasons for the losses, ... More

Evans will play against the Knicks.

According to the Sacramento Bee's Jason Jones via twitter: @mr_jasonjones Jason Jones Tyreke Evans will play tonight at NYK Without Evans, the Kings have started 0-3 on their six game, 11 day road trip back East.   Although the Kings' offense hasn't exactly stumbled without their leading scorer (putting up 113.3 ... More

Tyreke Evans Inactive. **Updated**

According to the Sacramento Bee's Jason Jones via twitter: @mr_jasonjones Jason Jones Tyreke Evans (ankle) is doubtful for tomorrow's game at Toronto Evans rolled his left ankle in the first quarter of Thursday night's victory against the Denver Nuggets.  After the game, Evans was visibly in pain and avoided ... More