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Sunday Musings: It all started with a tweet

Sacramento, Seattle and the power of social media More

Sacramento Kings react to tentative NBA labor deal

With news of a new labor agreenment being tentatively reached, your Sacramento Kings took to <a href="https://twitter.com/#!/sacramentokings/kings-players" target="_blank">Twitter to share their reactions.

We Back???<a title="Sat Nov 26 08:33:13 " href="https://twitter.com/#!/jtthekid/status/140347364832587776">Sat Nov 26 08:33:13 via UberSocial for BlackBerry


Is it true The lockout over ?<a title="Sat Nov 26 08:39:29 " href="https://twitter.com/#!/youngwhiteside/status/140348939407851520">Sat Nov 26 08:39:29 via Echofon


The lockout OVER no more peanut better n jelly sandwiches n Ramen noodlleeee<a title="Sat Nov 26 09:03:10 " href="https://twitter.com/#!/youngwhiteside/status/140354898083577856">Sat Nov 26 09:03:10 via Echofon

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