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Knicks 113, Kings 106: You might want to put a hand in their face

How We Feeling? Not and good. Six straight losses is not a way to convince your fan base that you’re on the way up, especially this early into the season when the majority of your losses have been at home. In fact, the Kings are currently 1-5 at home this year and look incapable of closing games out at Arco right now. ... More

Marc Stein reports JT is available, was shopped for Jeff Teague

In Friday's Weekend Dime over at ESPN, Marc Stein reported the following: "It wasn't long ago that Thompson, selected with the No. 12 overall pick in the 2008 draft, and Spencer Hawes were being touted as the Kings' frontcourt tandem of the future. Now? Thompson is averaging just 15.4 minutes per game off the bench ... More

Wolves 98, Kings 89: Watch Out For The Killer Beas

How We Feeling? There’s no way you can feel good about what you saw from the Kings against the Wolves. The Wolves are probably the worst team in the NBA. Maybe Detroit or Toronto are worse but a team like the Kings needs to take advantage of facing one of the easier opponents, especially when they get to stay home to play ... More

From TPP: Interview With Samuel Dalembert

Our friend James Ham at The Purple Panjandrum talked with Samuel Dalembert on everything from defensive communication, watching tape, and being named the starter. Here's a snippet, followed by the link: TPP: Last night you guys got killed on a handful of alley-oop dunks by the Lakers – is that a communication issue because ... More

From Purple Panjandrum: Dalembert Will Start Over Cousins

James Ham over at Purple Panjandrum with quotes from Samuel Dalembert, DeMarcus Cousins and Coach Westphal on Dalembert being named the starter over Cousins. I particularly liked what Cousins had to say about it. “I thought it was a great idea and I think it will really help the team.  I won’t have to start the game ... More

Season Preview Essays: Samuel Dalembert

I may be the only one, but seeing Samuel Dalembert in a Kings jersey will be really weird for me. I guess Sammy isn't the first thing to pop in one's mind when he hears the phrase "Philadelphia 76ers", but he has been around for quite a while, always popping up in trade rumors and disproportionate contract discussions and ... More

Samuel Dalembert Out 4-6 Weeks

This from the Kings media release: SACRAMENTO, CA ---- The Sacramento Kings today announced that an MRI taken on Kings center Samuel Dalembert confirmed the initial diagnosis of a left adductor strain. The injury may sideline Dalembert the next four to six weeks. With the season set to start in two weeks, this puts ... More

Sacramento Kings 2010-11 Season Preview

Remember the post about the Atlantic Division being previewed by the NBA blogosphere? Well the Pacific Division is happening over the next few days and we're happily participating with the Kings preview (along with Sactown Royalty). Check it out: ... More

More Dalembert Offense For The Kings? Not A Bad Idea

When you think of Samuel Dalembert what comes to mind? Yes, that’s right. It’s goaltending. Sammy goaltends more than everybody not named Dwight Howard. But maybe this year we’ll know Samuel Dalembert more for his scoring than we’re used to because of what the Kings are apparently asking of him (from Hoops ... More