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Your morning cup o’ Kings: Hassan Whiteside

The Sacramento Kings have something hiding deep on the bench that most NBA teams would love to have.  Elite shot blockers don't grow on trees and if things fall the right way for Hassan Whiteside, that is exactly what he could be for the Kings.  Of course, we don't want to get ahead of ourselves here.  Whiteside played a total of two minutes during his rookie season.  He has yet to score a basket, rebound a ball or block a shot at the NBA level and I think Coach Westphal said it best in our interview series from a week ago.
He’s been working hard.  He’s an intriguing player, but it’s hard to even say what his progress is because there is no measurement of him competing in basketball to define progress.  He’s been around watching and trying to pick up as much as you can by watching.  He’s been working on his body.  So much of what’s going to happen with him is going to depend on how completely his knee heals and how much he can pick up what the NBA is all about.
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