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A fistful of consecutive losses

A horse peed on my car when I was traveling down the freeway, going about 65 miles per hour. While this sounds like the setup, or even the punch line, to some type of joke, it’s actually something that happened to me Tuesday morning. This sort of sounds like an impossible feat but it was actually quite simple. There ... More

Lakers 112, Kings 100: The Lakers Don’t Even Know Who The Kings Are Yet

How We Feeling? Probably pretty frustrated but a little moral too. That’s how Paul Westphal seemed after the game. And he should be frustrated too. Games like this for the Kings are a great way of proving just how far they have to go in getting back to contention. No, you can’t win the Pacific division title in the ... More

Coaches Speak After First Summer League Game


I Think Coach Westphal and Spencer Hawes Are Cool Again

During the intros for tonight's first game for the Kings since the Hawes-Westphal "feud" officially went public, the Kings coach and Spencer decided to show that it was all water under the bridge after two days of practice. After the game, Coach had this to say about the intros: - "If you want to see that again, ... More

More from Coach Westphal on Media Day

I've got more video from Coach Westphal on Media Day. Here he discusses team identity, his anticipation for the team and more: More

Coach Westphal on His Coaching Staff Decisions

Here's an explanation from Coach Westphal on why he selected each member of his coaching staff: More

More Videos from First Day of Mini-Camp

Here are the rest of the videos of the first day of Kings Summer League Mini-Camp from Kingsflix. First up, Paul Westphal: Speak of the devil, Donte Greene is the next video: And a little bit of the action from the night practices: Get ready to see a lot of this next season -- Tyreke Evans driving down the ... More