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Cowbell Talks: Exclusive interview with Kenny Thomas

Who can forget that memorable game 3 playoff victory against the Seattle SuperSonics at the old barn in 2005? Those times were great and Kenny Thomas had a lot to do with that victory as he finished with 22 points on 8-of-10 shooting, while grabbing seven rebounds. The 11-year NBA veteran, former UNM Lobo, and a ... More

Jason Thompson and Ex-Kings remain friends

Jason Thompson talks former teammates. More

Thursday Cowbell Clippings: Featuring coaching takes and more transaction chatter

The Kings' first move post-lockout is apparently signing Chuck Hayes.  At Sactown Royalty, Tom Ziller explains why Hayes isn't Kenny Thomas: "When Kenny Thomas arrived in 2005, he had five years and $40 million remaining on his contract, or an average salary of $8 million per season. Under the deal as reported, Hayes will ... More

Emeka Okafor for Kenny Thomas Rumors?

Sam Amick just tweeted as such. Who knows how much clout this has to it? But wouldn't that be a bold move by both teams? The Hornets seem to be content with blowing this thing up and rebuilding around Chris Paul with him under contract for the next two to three seasons and the franchise losing more money than Antoine ... More