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More Jimmer talking American Century Championship

As James told you in a post yesterday, Jimmer Fredette will participate in the American Century Championship golf tournament in Lake Tahoe this week.  Here are some additional quotes from a conference call media had with Fredette back in May. On his invitation:
I heard they (tournament officials) were in a meeting and all of a sudden they said “We would like to have Jimmer Fredette come play.” My friend’s jaw almost dropped because they’ve never even talked about another collegiate athlete playing in this tournament. To me, that’s just unbelievable because there have been some amazing college athletes to come through the ranks for however long the tournament has been going on.
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Your morning cup o’ Kings: J.J. Hickson

So many youtube videos, so much time to watch them.  After adding John Salmons via trade and Jimmer Fredette, Tyler Honeycutt and Isaiah Thomas through the draft, the Sacramento Kings consummated one last transaction before the lockout began on July 1st.  In what might be the NBA's last transaction for a long time, the Kings dealt popular small forward Omri Casspi, along with a future first round pick, for Cleveland Cavalier power forward J.J. Hickson.  The move balanced the roster and added athleticism to the front court. There is no shortage of exciting youtube videos of J.J. Hickson.  Highlight reel plays are J.J's specialty, but if Hickson wants to earn a big extension next summer, he's going to have to prove that he can be more than just a youtube sensation.  Mental lapses on defense limited Hickson to just 28.2 minutes per game on one of the NBA's worst teams last season.  While he did average 13.8 points and 8.7 rebounds in those 28 minutes, you can't help but wonder if those numbers are inflated by a lack of talent around him - the old "best player on a bad team" theory.  With the Kings, he will be asked to do much less than what the Cavs needed from him last season, so hopefully less means more. More after the jump... ... More

Projecting DeMarcus Cousins’ Sophomore Season

We shared with you earlier today Kevin Pelton of Basketball Prospectus' statistical projection of Kings rookie Jimmer Fredette.  Now we take a look at his outlook of DeMarcus Cousins for ESPN.com.  Again his method, a different one this time, explained in his own words:
This time, the projections are generated by Basketball Prospectus' SCHOENE Projection System, which uses players' stats to match them with similar talents at the same age, then uses the development of those peers to generate a projection.
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Jimmer Fredette: A Rookie of the Year Favorite?

Basketball Prospectus' Kevin Pelton put together statistical projections of players from next year's rookie class for ESPN.com.  His method explained in his own words:
My projection system translates NCAA performance to the pros using the performance of past rookies and adjusting for strength of schedule. To that is added the pace at which each newcomer's NBA team played last season and a guess at minutes per game to create a projected stat line. Here's a look at the most impressive of next season's rookies (whenever they finally get to take the floor)...
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Your morning cup o’ Kings: Jimmer Fredette

The best part of waking up, is Kings youtube videos in your cup. Yesterday marked the debut of our morning video series where we introduced you to the 'Jimmer goes to prison' story. Don't worry, there are plenty more Jimmer Fredette home movies to come. For today, let's see what the other Kings' young players have floating out ... More

Getting to know Jimmer Fredette, one clip at a time

Normally, covering a player like Jimmer Fredette would be a bit of a nightmare.  What can you ask a player who has been the center of media attention for so long?  Well, with the lockout in full effect, we have an opportunity to get to know the Jimmer Fredette story via interviews, college highlights, maybe even a few home ... More

Jimmer in the Jungle: The Savior of Sacramento?

Apparently, Jimmer Fredette is not afraid to answer any question thrown at him.  The Kings' new point guard went on the Jim Rome Show today, just six days after being drafted 10th overall in the 2011 NBA Draft.  I'm not so sure about the new moniker, "The Savior of Sacramento," but Jimmer took it in stride and actually ran with it.  Remember this post about pressure?  Yikes, it just got a little bit hotter.

Jim Rome: You've already been glossed, "The Savior of Sacramento"... hey listen, there's been a lot expected of you for a very long time, the crown is big, but you've worn this thing pretty comfortably, but still, that's a big, big deal-  the Savior of Sacramento.  As you've mentioned, you've got some good young players on that team.  When you hear that, is that something you're comfortable with? Jimmer Fredette: You know, I guess so, a little bit.  I feel like, hopefully, I can help this team, you know, win more games.  I think that if we are successful on the floor, and continue to progress as a team, the fans and everybody will be excited about us.  Everybody's real excited just because I was a big name in the college game and one of the more highly touted people going into this draft.  So they (Sacramento fans) are really excited and I think I can bring a good game to their table and hopefully, like I said, win more ball games.  And if we do that, I think the city will get behind us and we can get it back to the Kings of the old days. Jim Rome: Jimmer, you were a big name in the college game, as you pointed out.  Do you expect to be a big name, a huge name in the NBA? Jimmer Fredette: You know, I hope so.  I hope I can be.  I really believe that I have the skill set to be a great player in this league and I think I can be a starting point guard and go out and play well and have a great career.  So, I'm looking forward to being able to do that.  I'll work as hard as I can and ease my way into it and continue to get experience and continue to grow as a player in this league.  But I believe I can be. I'm not questioning Jimmer or his motivation, I'm just not so sure I want him turning up the heat before he's played in his first game.  I can't wait to see how this new nickname looks on a t-shirt. Listen to the clip after the jump. ... More

Video: Isaiah Thomas’ Road to the NBA

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yewS7BduuOk Jimmer Fredette isn't the only Kings rookie to have a documentary filmed about his journey to the NBA.  The Kings other new point guard, Isaiah Thomas is the subject of his own movie as well.  From SLAM: From training in Las Vegas at IMPACT Basketball Academy, to the Chicago ... More

Video: Jimmer on prison hoops

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7StuGc877g This story never gets old.  Via The Dagger: "The inmates vote on what they want to watch on TV each week, and of course, they want to watch Jimmer," Mount McGregor recreational director John Montgomery said. "If BYU's on our local television, every dorm will have the game on. Every ... More

The storm before the calm?


Jimmer Fredette, Tyler Honeycutt and Isaiah Thomas show off their duds.

Thursday morning, rumors began flying that the Kings were involved in a three team, five player, three draft pick deal that sent point guard Beno Udrih to the Milwaukee Bucks and brought John Salmons back to Sacramento.  Since then, it has been a wild ride in the river city. ... More