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#NBARank: Who rises and falls among Sacramento Kings swingmen in 2012?

Photos: James Ham and Steven Chea

Photos: James Ham and Steven Chea

DeMarcus Cousins and Tyreke Evans were the only Sacramento Kings to crack the top 100 of ESPN.com's inaugural #NBARank. But where might they and their other teammates land on next year's list?  In part one of our three-part debate, we weigh-in on the Kings' swingmen.

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How did we rank the players?

We asked 91 experts to rate each player on a 0-to-10 scale, in terms of "the current quality of each player." Here is the full list of voters from ESPN.com, the TrueHoop Network, TrueHoop TV, Daily Dime Live, ESPN TV, ESPN Radio, ESPN Deportes, espnW, ESPN The Magazine, ESPN Insider, ESPN Fantasy, ESPN Games, ESPN Dallas, ESPN Los Angeles, ESPN Chicago, ESPN New York, ESPN Stats & Information, ESPN Topics and ESPN Analytics. ... More

Jimmer’s getting hitched, Thornton has options and Cisco plays for Team DR

There is very little Kings related news to pass on about the off-season/lockout at this point.  We are working on a few things, but until they materialize, here are a couple of crumbs to chew on. Jimmer Fredette has proposed to Whitney Wonnacott and she has accepted.  How do we know this?  The wonderful world of Twitte... More

Your midday cup o’ Kings: Francisco Garcia

As the roster sits today, the Sacramento Kings have only two players over the age of 25 - the 31 year-old John Salmons, who was acquired on draft day in a trade with the Bucks, and Francisco Garcia, the longest tenured King, who will be 30 on December 14th. It's strange how time flies. It seems like only yesterday that Francisco was a rookie riding the pine for a Kings playoff team that included Mike Bibby, Brad Miller, Ron Artest, Bonzi Wells and Shareef Abdur-Rahim. These clips below bring us back to a different Cisco. Injuries have derailed and slowed the 29 year old wing over the last three years. Three seasons ago it was ankle injuries that cost him 27 games. Two seasons ago, a freak accident in the weight room resulting in a catastrophic arm injury, costing Cisco all but 25 games. Last season, Garcia missed 24 games with a left calf strain that took a long time to heal because of a set back during recovery. By seasons end, Garcia appeared worn down, not entirely unexpected after missing so much time during the year. More after the jump... ... More

Updated: Spurs GM R.C. Buford addresses Tony Parker trade chatter

Spurs GM R.C. Buford on the reports of Tony Parker's availability, via Mike Monroe of the San Antonio Express-News: “We’re not shopping anyone,” Buford said, via text message. “We’ve received calls on a lot of our guys and we’ve answered the phone.” For the right deal however, perhaps a trade for Tony Parker can ... More

Rotation, Rotation, Rotation.

Paul Westphal is a completely likable guy.  On January 6, 2011, he won the 300th game of his career, a feat that he was unaware of until after the game.  Unfortunately, as the coach of the Sacramento Kings, Westphal has lost more games than he or anyone else would like.  There are certainly many reasons for the losses, ... More

Kings’ final play against the Mavericks was not a bad play

Immediately after the Kings’ final possession against the Dallas Mavericks failed, Paul Westphal was under scrutiny from those who watched the Kings lose at home in probably their best game of the young season. But after watching it a couple of times, I have to say there was nothing wrong with the play call. It was ... More

Kings 117, Wolves 116: Kings win first season opener in 7 years

How We Feeling? Is it time to trade Tyreke Evans? Of course not. But it was fun to see the Kings play so well without him and find a way to pull out a rare road win. The way the ball moved throughout the night was pretty fun to watch and it was a nice change from the ball dominating we usually see with a Tyreke-led ... More

Season Preview Essays: Beno Udrih

Oct 19, 2010; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Sacramento Kings guards Beno Udrih (19), left, and Tyreke Evans (13) during the game against the Los Angeles Clippers at the Staples Center. The Kings defeated the Clippers 96-94. Photo via Newscom The good thing about Beno is the confidence he instills in one's heart as far as the Kings' front office. Yes, Geoff Petrie gave him a contract extension worth more (some may say much more) than he justifies. But you know that if your team's roster includes a productive player that the Spurs let go, you're in good hands. And after two years of solid back-up-point-guard-level production, Beno seemed to take the leap, to the point where the Kings can probably be comfortable starting him. He runs the pick-and-roll with expertise and precision, fine at both creating for others and shooting himself while curling off the screener. According to Synergy Sports, Beno scored 0.91 points per play as the ball handler in a pick-and-roll, while shooting a very impressive 48.3%. Going by these stats, Beno ranked as the 37th best pick-and-roll ball handler in the entire league. Beno’s best asset as a player, though, is his lightning quick release. The second Beno gets the tip of his big toe around the pick set by his big man, the ball is already up. This sort of quickness makes his shot very hard to contest, and helps his percentage immensely. This is what makes Beno such a weapon both on the pick-and-roll, and as an off ball shooter, as a spot up guy, and moreso when coming off of screens. Since opponents must respect his shot, this also opens room for penetration, both for scoring and for dishing, with the former often featuring his very strong floater. The downside to this is that his penetration rarely ends at the free throw line – Beno averaged only 1.5 shots from the stripe every game throughout his career, denying him the chance to show off that 82% free throw shooting. ... More

Season Preview Essays: Francisco Garcia

<img title="NBA: Lakers vs. Kings Mar 16" onmousedown="return false;" src="http://view4.picapp.com/pictures.photo/image/8269042/nba-lakers-kings-mar/nba-lakers-kings-mar.jpg?size=480&imageId=8269042" border="0" alt="March 16, 2010: Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers is defended by Francisco Garcia of the Sacramento Kings during the game between the Sacramento Kings and the Los Angeles Lakers at Arco Arena in Sacramento, CA. Ben Munn/CSM." width="480" height="333" /> You tend to forget just how good Francisco Garcia is. It's nobody's fault, really. Just a series of flukes that somehow pushed Cisco's ability to the back of our mind. The overblown contract. The bizarre medicine ball injury. The less-than-impressive return last season. The miserable failure of the "play him at point guard" experiment, that reminded us mostly of what he can't do and not of what he can. But let’s face it – how many of us can play point guard in the NBA? Or can avoid weight-room appliances exploding and indirectly decimating our wrists? It's not Cisco's fault that he arrived when the franchise was on the verge of a depressing downslide, thus staining his advantages with the stench of a golden era in the rearview mirror. Sure, he has his liabilities, maxing out as a very good role player/locker room presence. But when given the choice between having Francisco Garcia on your team and not having Francisco Garcia on your team – salary factors not included – I don’t see how you could possibly choose the latter. And yet, when you look at this Sacramento rotation and tell yourself that the Kings have no help on the wings, you suddenly blink, cock your head to the right, and say: "wait, a tick… is that El Flaco I see there on the depth chart?”... More

Season Preview Essays: Antoine Wright

I knocked the Antoine Wright signing when it happened, and after weeks of self-reflection (this is the stuff I reflect on, so shoot me), I'm not much happier. In fact, my stance remains pretty much the same. It's not that I don't like Wright. In fact, in NBA Live 2006 (this was before my switch to 2K), my affection for the ... More