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Your morning cup o’ Kings: Donté Greene

The Kings haven't had many personalities like Donté Greene.  Sure, there have been characters like Vlade Divac and Ron Artest, but Donté Greene is something different.  Basically, Greene is a multimedia machine - the star of the Donté Greene show, Twitter and Youstream aficionado- all of which make him a fan favorite. Where Greene has cultivated a following off the court, he has struggled with consistency on the floor.  Greene is nothing short of an enigma.  So much talent, flashes of brilliance, great size, million dollar smile, but ... Coming into training camp last season, Donté Greene and Omri Casspi were supposed to fight it out for the starting gig.  Greene never even got off the ground, coming into camp at 260-pounds, a good 25-30 pounds heavier than his previous playing weight.  After starting 50 games in his second season, Greene saw that number slashed to just 21 starts and an incredible 13 DNP-CDs.   From possible starter to bench player and now, who knows what.  After the Kings brought in small forwards John Salmons and rookie Tyler Honeycutt, they shipped out Casspi to clear up a little room, but Greene will still have to battle to earn minutes at a crowded position that also includes Francisco Garcia and even Tyreke Evans at times. More after the jump... ... More

Donté Greene has offers to play overseas

Turner Sports' David Aldridge caught up with Donté Greene at the Goodman League in Washington DC.  And like many NBA players this summer, the Kings forward is considering overseas basketball options during the league's work stoppage. Greene, who said he's contemplating offers in Israel and Italy in the fall if the lockout is ... More

Westphal talks summer, improvement and what’s next for the Sacramento Kings.

Things in Sacramento have been a wacky lately.  While we here at Cowbell Kingdom like to talk basketball, there has been very little if any basketball talk to speak of.  Relocation - a word that I never wish to type ever again, has been the soup de jour, filling up our pages and eating all of our time.  Surely that word will resurface here and there this season - whispered in bars or by the unkind, but for today we are moving past this.  We are going to talk some basketball and in classic Cowbell fashion, that discussion begins with Sacramento Kings Head Coach, Paul Westphal, who was nice enough to take a call during his break time. James Ham:  First up, you were so complimentary toward the fans down the stretch, how happy are you to come back and finish what you started here in Sacramento? Coach Westphal: I’m very happy about it.  I do understand and I think the fans understand that there is a lot more work to be done.  I think everyone who has watched closely knows what a challenge this has been to rebuild this team and also rebuild the franchise in Sacramento.  I think there have been big steps taken in both directions and the work is not through on either front. James Ham: You said good bye to your players a little over two weeks ago, how did the exit interviews go?  Were there any big surprises or did it go pretty smooth? Coach Westphal: I don’t think there were any big surprises.  I think, as with anything, it’s going to depend on what kind of follow through there is.  There were a lot of positive words and good intentions...we’ll hope for the best as far as improvement over this uncertain summer. James Ham: I think here in Sacramento, with the fight to keep this team here, we have kind of forgotten about the pending labor unrest and how much that can effect next season and your ability to get these guys on the same page early enough to make a real impact. Coach Westphal: Well, I’m not even addressing that (potential lock-out) because it’s not anything I know anything about and we are encouraged not to address that, but whenever a team doesn’t make the playoffs, the summer is going too long under the best of circumstances.  It’s good for the players to get away and rest and that’s what they should do for a while, but at the same time, the summer is one of the best times to improve and if you’re not improving, someone is passing you up because other people are working and that’s the emphasis that we really need to impress on our young players. ... More

Rotation, Rotation, Rotation.

Paul Westphal is a completely likable guy.  On January 6, 2011, he won the 300th game of his career, a feat that he was unaware of until after the game.  Unfortunately, as the coach of the Sacramento Kings, Westphal has lost more games than he or anyone else would like.  There are certainly many reasons for the losses, ... More

Warriors 117, Kings 109: Kings fail to the Warriors

NBA 2K11 can get boring at times. Sounds crazy, right? When you do marathon square-offs like my friends and I do, blowouts can be fun for the trash talking and buzzer-beaters are a daggerfest the likes a good NBA League Pass night can give you. However, whenever you have those games that constantly sway between eight ... More

Bulls 96, Kings 85: Kings were so good until they weren’t anymore

How We Feeling? Totally awesome and then SOOOO the total opposite of awesome. The Kings came out with energy. Evans came out destroying the Bulls and their staunch defensive efforts after he frustratingly missed his first two layups of the game. Samuel Dalembert and Jason Thompson controlled the paint. Donté Greene was the ... More

Kings Split Weekend Games: Remember when offenses used to have movement?

How We Feeling? Sort of feel split down the middle. Literally. The Kings split the weekend games between the Nets and the Hornets (both at home) by playing pretty good defense and offense that ranged from “just good enough” to “OH MY GOD MY EYES IT BURNS SO BAD” type of performance. Against the Nets, the Kings ... More

Knicks 113, Kings 106: You might want to put a hand in their face

How We Feeling? Not and good. Six straight losses is not a way to convince your fan base that you’re on the way up, especially this early into the season when the majority of your losses have been at home. In fact, the Kings are currently 1-5 at home this year and look incapable of closing games out at Arco right now. ... More

A fistful of consecutive losses

A horse peed on my car when I was traveling down the freeway, going about 65 miles per hour. While this sounds like the setup, or even the punch line, to some type of joke, it’s actually something that happened to me Tuesday morning. This sort of sounds like an impossible feat but it was actually quite simple. There ... More

Wolves 98, Kings 89: Watch Out For The Killer Beas

How We Feeling? There’s no way you can feel good about what you saw from the Kings against the Wolves. The Wolves are probably the worst team in the NBA. Maybe Detroit or Toronto are worse but a team like the Kings needs to take advantage of facing one of the easier opponents, especially when they get to stay home to play ... More