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Updated: Spurs GM R.C. Buford addresses Tony Parker trade chatter

Spurs GM R.C. Buford on the reports of Tony Parker's availability, via Mike Monroe of the San Antonio Express-News: “We’re not shopping anyone,” Buford said, via text message. “We’ve received calls on a lot of our guys and we’ve answered the phone.” For the right deal however, perhaps a trade for Tony Parker can ... More

Thompson out, Dalembert in.

Late news from yesterday- Kings.com's Nate Rose is reporting that starting power forward Jason Thompson is a no-go tonight against the Boston Celtics.  Veteran Samuel Dalembert, who has had tremendous success over the last few games, will start in Thompson's place. Before the injury to Thompson, Coach Paul Westphal had ... More

Rotation, Rotation, Rotation.

Paul Westphal is a completely likable guy.  On January 6, 2011, he won the 300th game of his career, a feat that he was unaware of until after the game.  Unfortunately, as the coach of the Sacramento Kings, Westphal has lost more games than he or anyone else would like.  There are certainly many reasons for the losses, ... More

Kings Split Weekend Games: Remember when offenses used to have movement?

How We Feeling? Sort of feel split down the middle. Literally. The Kings split the weekend games between the Nets and the Hornets (both at home) by playing pretty good defense and offense that ranged from “just good enough” to “OH MY GOD MY EYES IT BURNS SO BAD” type of performance. Against the Nets, the Kings ... More

A fistful of consecutive losses

A horse peed on my car when I was traveling down the freeway, going about 65 miles per hour. While this sounds like the setup, or even the punch line, to some type of joke, it’s actually something that happened to me Tuesday morning. This sort of sounds like an impossible feat but it was actually quite simple. There ... More

Kings 117, Wolves 116: Kings win first season opener in 7 years

How We Feeling? Is it time to trade Tyreke Evans? Of course not. But it was fun to see the Kings play so well without him and find a way to pull out a rare road win. The way the ball moved throughout the night was pretty fun to watch and it was a nice change from the ball dominating we usually see with a Tyreke-led ... More

Season Preview Essays: Beno Udrih

<img title="NBA: Preseason-Sacramento Kings at Los Angeles Clippers" onmousedown="return false;" src="http://view.picapp.com/pictures.photo/image/9964083/nba-preseason-sacramento/nba-preseason-sacramento.jpg?size=480&imageId=9964083" border="0" alt="Oct 19, 2010; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Sacramento Kings guards Beno Udrih (19), left, and Tyreke Evans (13) during the game against the Los Angeles Clippers at the Staples Center. The Kings defeated the Clippers 96-94. Photo via Newscom" width="480" height="377" /> The good thing about Beno is the confidence he instills in one's heart as far as the Kings' front office. Yes, Geoff Petrie gave him a contract extension worth more (some may say much more) than he justifies. But you know that if your team's roster includes a productive player that the Spurs let go, you're in good hands. And after two years of solid back-up-point-guard-level production, Beno seemed to take the leap, to the point where the Kings can probably be comfortable starting him. He runs the pick-and-roll with expertise and precision, fine at both creating for others and shooting himself while curling off the screener. According to Synergy Sports, Beno scored 0.91 points per play as the ball handler in a pick-and-roll, while shooting a very impressive 48.3%. Going by these stats, Beno ranked as the 37th best pick-and-roll ball handler in the entire league. Beno’s best asset as a player, though, is his lightning quick release. The second Beno gets the tip of his big toe around the pick set by his big man, the ball is already up. This sort of quickness makes his shot very hard to contest, and helps his percentage immensely. This is what makes Beno such a weapon both on the pick-and-roll, and as an off ball shooter, as a spot up guy, and moreso when coming off of screens. Since opponents must respect his shot, this also opens room for penetration, both for scoring and for dishing, with the former often featuring his very strong floater. The downside to this is that his penetration rarely ends at the free throw line – Beno averaged only 1.5 shots from the stripe every game throughout his career, denying him the chance to show off that 82% free throw shooting. ... More

Season Preview Essays: Pooh Jeter

I must warn you – I can't speak of Pooh Jeter without obvious bias trickling out in every word. He was by far the most entertaining bro on my beloved Hapoel Jerusalem squad last season, and personally speaking, he was my second favorite player (the first was Uri Kukia, an undersized, unathletic forward with no discern... More

Beno Upset at the Coach? Who Had February 5th in the Office Pool?

So I was perusing the Sacramento Bee as I tend to do when I wake up and I came across this piece from Sam Amick about Beno and Westphal differing over playing time. In it, we are getting two different stories about the condition of Beno's feet and the results on the court because of this injury. Paul Westphal is saying the ... More

Beno Udrih Frustrated With Last Season

One of the more surprising moments for me on Media Day was walking upon an interview between Carmichael Dave and Mid-Level Exceptional point guard, Beno Udrih. It's no big revelation that Beno was the ire of a lot of fan's frustration last season and rightfully so. At times, it appeared as if he didn't seem to care much ... More