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Kings make contributions in international play

International play has featured Sacramento Kings. More

Poll: What should the Sacramento Kings do about John Salmons?

With few options available, what do the Kings do at the small forward position? More

You Want To Do What With Whom?

All right, so we all know the rumored deal, which is probably nothing more than just that – a rumor. The deal would be for the Kings to send Kenny Thomas back to the 76ers and move Andres Nocioni to the Boston Celtics. In return, they’d receive J.R. Giddens and Samuel Dalembert. Sounds pretty sweet, right? You get an ... More

The Forgotten King

This is actually an exciting time in Sacramento Kings basketball. Sure, it was a different kind of excitement when this team was pushing 60 wins on the rest of the league every year and there are still some very real and valid concerns this team could be relocated if/when a new arena deal can’t be consummated (I’m ... More

Rest Easy Not So Big Forwards

For anyone still hoping for a big splash at the small forward position, this is going to be disappointing. The small forwards of free agency have been raided and are now being signed by any and every contender for next year. While the Kings have Andres Nocioni, Donte Greene and now Omri Casspi at the small forward position, ... More