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What They’re Saying About The Evans Pick

<img src="http://cdn.picapp.com/ftp/Images/f/1/3/1/2009_NBA_Draft_291f.jpg?adImageId=1742986&imageId=5043827" border="0" alt="2009 NBA Draft Party At 40/40 Club" width="234" height="351" align="right" /> We're a couple of days removed from the NBA Draft and I thought it was time to let the dust settle and look back over what people/analysts/people who are analysts had to say to see what their reactions were to the selection of Tyreke Evans over Ricky Rubio by the Kings. So here goes, I'll try to respond to each of the reactions whether they're negative or positive or a Switzerland-esque neutral. First off, Bill Simmons from his 13th Annual NBA Draft Running Diary: "4:57: In desperate need of a point guard, Sacramento takes … Tyreke Evans. It's as if these GMs are trying to hurt me. I feel physically ill. Tyreke's weaknesses, according to our ESPN.com Draft Card: "Can be selfish … over-dribbles … lacks consistent range on his jump shot … not a super explosive leaper … poor shot selection." They left out, "Not a natural point guard," and "drove a getaway car during a drive-by shooting but was not charged by police." 4:58: Shaking my head. 4:58: Still shaking my head. 4:58: Bilas loves the pick but says, "He's a little bit ball-dominant, he needs to have the ball in his hands, and he's not a good shooter." Ball-dominant … isn't that a nice way of calling someone a ball hog? Where is my Jay Bilas Thesaurus? 4:59: Scott on Evans: "His nickname is 'Hugo' because he was born during Hurricane Hugo." That pick was a natural disaster. Literally." Now, while I disagree more with Bill Simmons in the past two years than I would have thought I ever would, I'm not one of those guys that bashes whatever he does/writes while secretly waiting for his next article to come out on Page 2. I'm a fan of his and have no problem letting it be known. Despite the fact that he has confused me on many a topic in the past two years doesn't mean I all of a sudden have to hate him. ... More

Omri Casspi: The Ultimate Israeli

This article was submitted to me by Eran Soroka from the Ma'ariv Newspaper. Eran was nice enough to provide me with some quotes and pictures from Omri Casspi's press conference overseas earlier and submitted this great piece about who Omri is and what he brings as a player. Thanks, Eran for such a great submission. Foun... More

Breaking Down the Draft: 23rd Pick, Omri Casspi

The worry about the 23rd pick in the draft started to come about when the Portland Trailblazers leapfrogged the Kings by trading three picks to the Mavericks in order to move from the 24th pick in the first round to the 22nd pick. It was widely rumored that they did this in order to take Omri Casspi before the Kings could add ... More

Omri Casspi’s Press Conference in Israel

Many thanks to Eran Soroka of the Ma'ariv Sports Newspaper for hooking me up with these quotes and pictures. "I'm very excited and happy to be the first Israeli in the NBA. It's every player's dream. I've been through a long journey until I became a first round pick. The Kings weren't ver successful last year in the league, ... More

Gavin Maloof is Pumped About Tyreke Evans!

Also from Kings Connect: I genuinely love the excitement. Not many owners would show this kind of emotion. More

Tyreke Evans Talks With Kayte Christensen

From Kings Connect: More

Breaking Down the Draft: 4th Pick, Tyreke Evans

First, here is the reaction taken by Andrew Nicholson as he gets Geoff Petrie's reaction to the pick of Tyreke Evans: Throughout the draft process, there were doubts all around the prospects that worked out for the Kings. There was debate as to who was not only the better player but who was also the correct player to ... More

Post Draft Presser for Geoff Petrie and Paul Westphal

Thanks to Kings Connect, we have the complete video of Geoff Petrie and Paul Westphal speaking about the Kings big draft night. Now whether or not you agree with the pick of Tyreke Evans over Ricky Rubio, you've got to love the confidence that Petrie speaks with in regards to the moves made on Draft Night. The Kings are headed ... More

It’s Draft Day; Get Excited!

So here we are, the 2009 NBA Draft. The Sacramento Kings haven’t had a pick this high since 1991 and the whole Billy Ownes debacle that eventually led to the Mitch Richmond era, which begat the Chris Webber golden age of Kings basketball. So now with the fourth pick, the Kings have to decide not only if need is the ... More

TrueHoop Network Podcast via Hardwood Paroxysm

Matt Moore of Hardwood Paroxysm discussed the first three possible selections of the 2009 NBA Draft with their respective TrueHoop bloggers yesterday with Kevin Arnovitz of ClipperBlog, Chip Crain of 3 Shades of Blue, and Royce Young of Daily Thunder. Well, with draft day upon us, he decided to focus on the fourth, fifth, ... More