Summer League interview series part 3: Isaiah Thomas

Very few rookie second round picks make an impact on a team like Isaiah Thomas did for the Sacramento Kings last season. He may be undersized. He may not have the brand recognition of a Kyrie Irving. But this kid can play and he is becoming a leader/glue guy for this Kings roster.

Thomas is missing summer league this season while he attends college at the University of Washington. He graduates on Wednesday, but it is unlikely that he will make it back in time to suit up for the Kings this week. That didn’t stop him from dropping by Las Vegas to cheer on his teammates this weekend.

While he is busy balancing things like school, a budding NBA career and a new baby crawling around the house, Thomas has taken the time to organize a week long practice and hang-out session for his Kings teammates. Later this month, most of the Kings roster will assemble in Sacramento to shake off the rust and begin prepping for the 2012-13 NBA season.

This team is motivated to improve this season, which is evident not only by their words, but by their actions. The team has been searching for the last five or six seasons for a true veteran leader to take them to the next level. They may have found the right voice last season with the 60th pick in the NBA Draft.


James Ham

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